Eric Bischoff returns! Plus Brian Cage, Bret Hart, Juventud Guerrera, Shane Helms! Episode 7!
Episode 7- The return of Eric Bischoff and he gets deep! Brian Cage from Lucha Underground! An unforgettable And Juicy For All, StocktonCon, WWE memories, squash matches, behind a heel, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, the Masked Republic Minute covering the Lucha scene, dream matches, and a whole lot more including Disco Inferno and KG Kevin Gill on the only podcast that Keeps it 100!!!!!!

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Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, And Xpac Live at StocktonCon! Vince Russo and More! Episode 8!

The Wolfpac Kevin Nash Scott Hall and Sean Xpac Waltman sit down for the first ever LIVE Keepin It 100! Plus Vince Russo, Jeff Cobb, NXT, SummerSlam, And Juicy For All, NWO, WCW, The Olympics, Suicide Squad, Shane Helms, Sunny, CM Punk, Plus Disco Inferno and KG Kevin Gill on […]