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Darby Allin vs. Jason Cade on collision course for MLW: One-Shot

What happens when a man without fear who uses his body as a weapon faces one of the most complete aerial combatants in the sport? Find out on Thursday October 5th as Darby Allin takes on “The Flying Gambino” Jason Cade at MLW: One-Shot.

Living at one point in an abandoned warehouse in the slums of Seattle, Darby Allin would find success on the underground skateboarding scene leading to appearances on ESPN and MTV.

Living by the mantra nothings over till your underground, which is tattooed on his chest, Darby Allin is unpredictable and dangerous.

Mentored by Sami Callihan, some say Darby Allin is heavily influenced by the “Worldwide Desperado.”  If so, you can’t argue with the results or Darby’s impact thus far in the sport.  Darby enters MLW as one of the most talked about wrestlers of 2017.

“Both of these guys are going 110 mph in terms of momentum. So what happens when they’re put on a collision course?  We’re about to find out,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.

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