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MANHATTAN – After several weeks of negotiations with Major League Wrestling (“MLW”), Black Friday Management (“BFM”) and Mr. Stokely Hathaway have been issued unconditional promoting/managerial licenses to present its fighters within the league.

“This wasn’t an easy deal to put together but it was one that I believe will pay dividends for fans and the league as we want the best of the best and Stokely Hathaway… owns some of the best wrestlers from around the world at the moment,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.

BFM and Mr. Hathaway are sanctioned to promote their wrestlers within the league giving the management group heightened influence in addition to the traditional managerial tasks for its fighters.

When reached for comment, the managing partner of BFM, Mr. Hathaway simply states: “This is step one in a path that will continue well into 2018 and beyond.”

MLW has brokered a blockbuster match featuring 2 of Black Friday’s top stars for MLW: Zero Hour with Low Ki fighting MVP at the January 11th event in Orlando, FL.

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