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Can Turkey’s Vandal Ortagun end Barrington Hughes streak?

“The Caramel Colossus” Barrington Hughes will face Turkey’s Vandal Ortagun next Thursday in Orlando at Gilt Nightclub at MLW Spring Break.

The Miami Beach behemoth Barrington Hughes looks to continue steamrolling over the competition as the breakout big man takes on Turkey’s Vandal Ortagun.  Scouts expect this to be Hughes’ biggest challenge to date as he will be facing a veteran with considerably more experience.

Ortagun, a respected veteran, has wrestled in over 26 countries including: Mexico, Turkey, Puerto Rico and Japan.  Known for using using questionable tactics in his matches, Ortagun prefers his approach is simply “aggressive… while others may say he’s a bit ruthless in bending the rules as much as he can.

“Hughes has been on a rampage but I will be the man that proudly ends his streak and when I do, I shall dedicate the victory to my homeland of Turkey!”

Will Turkey’s most popular wrestler derail Barrington Hughes? Or will the super heavyweight continue to steamroll over the competition? Find out LIVE! Buy your tickets to see this clash now at:

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