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Fusion recap for May 18, 2018

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It was double jeopardy for Pentagon,Jr. on this week’s episode of FUSION. The rudo luchador was heavily sanctioned last week, losing his No. 1 Contender status after spraying World Heavyweight Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland with a mysterious mist. This week, that No. 1 Contender position is up for grabs as Pentagon faces off with his brother Rey Fenix and a shot at the World Title is on the line. 

Meanwhile, Salina de la Renta makes a splash and has some shocking news. 

Also, the tag team picture may have taken a little more shape this week. But first, it’s a pair of high-flyers in our opening match on FUSION, as we go down to the ring …

Trey Miguel defeated Kotto Brazil
An emerging scrappy fan favorite, Kotto Brazil is also the smallest man on the roster. Kotto, all 5-foot 3-inches and 161 pounds of him, opened this week’s show against the debuting “Fresh Prince of Mid-Air” Trey Miguel. While Miguel was looking to impress league officials, Brazil was searching for what seems like an ever-elusive victory.

Both men showed a great deal of athleticism. Miguel hit an incredibly high-risk move, sling-shotting himself to the outside into a full flip and a guillotine leg drop to Brazil on the floor. Kotto rallied and scored near falls with a bridging German suplex and a running Sliced Bread. However, Miguel took the decisive edge when he wedged Brazil into the ropes and hit a swinging kick between the top and middle turnbuckle. Moments later, Miguel took flight, landing a diving Meteora off the top rope to pick up a victory in his MLW debut.

It’s Up to You, New York, New York
MLW CEO Court Bauer was joined by Strickland and the “Caramel Colossus” Barrington Hughes in New York City this week. The trio had huge news to share with fans in the Empire State: Major League Wrestling is coming to the Big Apple! An MLW: FUSION national television taping for beIN Sports will be held July 19 at the Melrose Ballroom. As always, visit to secure entry.

Promociones Dorado Makes a Splash
One half of the Major League Wrestling announce team, Rich Bocchini, traveled all the way to Dorado, Puerto Rico and visited the Promociones Dorado impresaria Salina de la Renta at her palatial estate. 

“Yes, I am well-connected,” de la Renta said when Bocchini asked about the seemingly endless number of Latin American professional wrestlers she can bring to MLW. “Mexico City, Bolivia, Chile … all over. So, if they want the best, they come to me. They get Salina de la Renta, why is this a surprise?” 

However, the interview came to an abrupt (and wet) ending when Salina accused Bocchini of being intimidated by her success and punctuated her point by pushing the broadcaster into a pool.

While Bocchini made a splash in de la Renta’s pool, her backstage interview with Andrea Ocampo may hit MLW like a tidal wave. Just minutes before Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix were slated to meet for the No. 1 Contender position and a World Title shot, de la Renta announced that Promociones Dorado had signed both Pentagon and Fenix. No matter the outcome of the No. 1 Contender’s match later in the show, de la Renta will represent the winner in next week’s World Heavyweight Title fight.

The Dirty Blondes (with Col. Robert Parker) defeated Team TBD
With league officials recently announcing the World Tag Team Championship will be decided soon, the tag team rivalry that has dominated the division over the last few months came back to the forefront this week. The Dirty Blondes, part of Col. Robert Parker’s ever-growing Stud Stable, faced off with Team TBD in a tag team elimination match.

Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade have been the victim of some underhanded tactics by the Dirty Blondes recently, so MLW matchmakers signed an elimination match. Michael Patrick and Leo Brien looked to take advantage of a vast size difference in this match, while Team TBD would rely on agility and high-flying. A suicide dive by Yuta and Cade’s Fosberry Flop on to both members of the Dirty Blondes had Team TBD off to a hot start. Following those two high-risk moves, Yuta saw an opportunity for one more as Patrick rolled back into the ring. Yuta went to the top rope and hit a high cross-body, but Patrick rolled through and eliminated a flabbergasted Yuta with a handful of tights. That left 176-pound Jason Cade to fend for himself against more than 600 pounds of Dirty Blondes.

Cade took a double-team beating, but more than held his own. After nearly five minutes of domination by the Dirty Blondes, Cade was able to find a chink in the armor of Patrick and Brien. He shoved them into one another, then hit a tornado DDT on Brien, who ended up on the floor. With only Patrick to contend with in the ring, Cade hit Black Magic and secured a pinfall to make it essentially a one-one-one contest with Brien. 

But is it ever truly one-on-one when Col. Parker is involved?

As Cade hit the ropes, Parker tripped him up. Yuta confronted Col. Parker, which distracted the official. That allowed both Dirty Blondes to double-team Cade. As Patrick high-tailed it out of the ring, the official turned around and counted Brien’s pin on Cade.

It seemed as though there may be some friction between the members of Team TBD, despite the fact that Cade and Yuta denied it during a backstage interview. Meanwhile, it looks as though Col. Parker and his Stud Stable tag team may have the momentum and inside track toward the World Tag Team titles.

Strickland Speaks
Backstage, prior to the No. 1 Contender match for a shot at his World Heavyweight Championship, Shane “Swerve” Strickland was planning to keep his eyes (damaged as they may be) on the upcoming main event. While Strickland said he was struggling a bit with depth perception, he made it known he would be ready for his matchup with the winner. Swerve also made it crystal clear that no matter the outcome between Pentagon and Fenix, he will be looking for retribution for the attack.

Pentagon Jr. defeated Rey Fenix
While de la Renta had already announced she is now representing both Fenix and Pentagon Jr., she came to the ring with the latter. While the first MLW matchup between Fenix and Pentagon was an instant classic, this one held even more significance: a shot at the gold up for grabs. While Pentagon yelled his “Cero Miedos” catchphrase throughout the match, neither man showed any fear as they battled back and forth.

Pentagon Jr. rocked his brother with a vicious superkick early in the encounter. Fenix quickly recovered and landed a huge, high-flying cross body off the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Fenix hit a double stomp to Pentagon’s back off the top rope and scored a near fall. 

Pentagon regained the advantage when Fenix bounced off the middle rope back first, right into a flying backstabber. Pentagon followed, driving his brother into one of the arena’s steel support columns. The back-and-forth action continued. Fenix later hit another double stomp from the top rope, this time to the outside on Pentagon’s arm, followed by a high-angle senton bomb that led to a 2-count. 

But it was a Pentagon Driver on the apron of the ring that was the beginning of the end for Fenix. Pentagon followed up with the Fear Factor, which saw Fenix barely kick out. What to do when one finishing maneuver doesn’t do the job? Follow it up with another. Pentagon Jr. remained on the attack and put Fenix away with a package piledriver.

Next Week
Following the outcome in this week’s main event, next week’s episode will be historic! Don’t miss the first-ever World Heavyweight Championship title defense on FUSION. Shane “Swerve” Strickland will face off with Pentagon Jr. The title will be on the line, but Swerve will also have a chance at payback for the red-mist attack. Will Swerve retain the title or will his thirst for retribution have him seeing red once again? Tune in next week!

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