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FUSION recap for June 8, 2018

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In this week’s main event on MLW: FUSION an important match between two Top 10-ranked wrestlers in Major League Wrestling featured Rey Fenix vs. ACH. Meanwhile, the No. 1-ranked wrestler in June’s MLW Top 10 “Filthy” Tom Lawlor was in action and we also saw the devastation that Sami Callihan’s army of Death Machines can create.

With Lawlor being No. 1 this month, he was also first up on tonight’s show, taking on the classic counter grappler Fred Yehi.

This week’s episode opened with a nice feature package on World Heavyweight Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland, looking at the heart and determination of the champ and how he juggles all the responsibilities of wearing the gold.

Let’s go to the ring …

Tom Lawlor defeated Fred Yehi
Lawlor came to the ring as the No. 1-ranked wrestler in MLW for the first time on MLW: FUSION. He also came to the ring with his surgically-repaired left arm in a league-approved pad … more on that later. Fred Yehi, on the other hand, came into this matchup looking for a huge upset and a possible entry into next month’s Top 10.

Early on, Lawlor and Yehi put on a mat wrestling clinic. Yehi had counter after counter to many of Lawlor’s attempts at submissions, while Lawlor continued to try to maintain the advantage. When the match finally got off the mat, Yehi landed dozens of knee strikes and rocked Lawlor. But he couldn’t put the shoulders of Team Filthy’s leader to the mat for a three-count, despite following up with a powerbomb.

Following that powerbomb, Lawlor pulled off the protective padding from his surgically-repaired arm. The steel inside that arm must be plenty strong, as Lawlor exploded out of the corner with a forearm to the top of Yehi’s head. With Yehi out on his feet, Lawlor applied a rear naked choke and picked up the submission victory when Yehi was unresponsive to the official.

Salina Seeks Sicarios
In her never-ending quest for gold (specifically the World Championship belt) the modern impresario and of Promociones Dorado took to social media. The video she presented was aired on this week’s episode of MLW: FUSION. In it, she called for sicarios and mercenaries to take out the champion. She put “20,000 … American” on Strickland’s head.

MVP defeats Leon Scott by Disqualification; Desperado & Death Machines Attack
One of the Worldwide Desperado Sami Callihan’s army of “Death Machines” got his shot at MVP this week. Leon Scott came to the ring with Callihan and the massive man known just by the “Fulton” on the back of his trunks.

MVP hit the ring and immediately went on the attack. He rocked the big Scott and clearly had the advantage. Just just a mere 40 seconds after the bell rang, Callihan couldn’t help himself. He wanted to get his hands on MVP. All three members of Callihan’s army hit the ring and brutalized the man from the 305.

MVP got a brief respite from the beatdown when Kotto Brazil valiantly tried to help. He landed a missile dropkick on Callihan. But the sheer size and numbers of Callihan’s crew were too much. Callihan, his baseball bat, Scott and Fulton left MVP and Brazil laying as the vicious trio celebrated their handiwork.

Swerve Responds
Backstage, our very own Kaci Lennox caught up with Strickland to ask why he was willing to accept a match with whatever bounty hunter de la Renta threw at him. “I’m the World Champion,” Swerve responded. “I’m a leader. I’m a role model. I’ve got to set the example for everyone in that locker room … no matter who she brings, I don’t care who it is, I’m going to take them down.”

But before Strickland could go on about his business, Low Ki appeared out of nowhere, offering Black Friday Management’s services in his fight with de la Renta and Promociones Dorado. Swerve was quick to turn him down. “Nah … I’m good,” was all the champ had to say.

Rey Fenix (with Salina de la Renta) defeated ACH
In a battle that is sure to have an effect on the MLW Top 10, this month’s No. 10-ranked wrestler ACH was pitted vs. Rey Fenix, who was accompanied to the ring by de la Renta. Fenix came in at No. 3 this month. ACH had an opportunity to make a move up the ladder, while Fenix looked to stay near the top of the rankings.

The agility and athleticism of both ACH and Fenix were on display throughout this match, which went almost 15 action-packed minutes. Early on, ACH nailed Fenix on the outside with cross body block into the MLW crowd. Less than a minute later, Fenix returned the favor with a suicide dive into the crowd on the other side of the ring.

Fenix followed up the suicide dive with a high-flying senton bomb back inside the ring, which resulted in a near fall. A backbreaker, bridging German suplex combination led to a pinning combination for ACH. But Fenix was able to kick out at the last second. Fenix regained control until ACH was able to roll through from a top rope splash into a Death Valley Driver. But once again, Fenix avoided the pinning predicament.

The duo traded more high-flying, high-impact maneuvers. But ACH was the first to make a big mistake. He went for the dragon fly splash and missed. Fenix landed a springboard spin-kick, which led to a modified piledriver that resulted in a three-count and victory for Fenix.

Despite his affiliation with Promociones Dorado, which is often known for bending the rules, Fenix was ever the tecnico after the match. The luchadore and his opponent shared a handshake and mutual respect as we ran out of time.

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