History will be made on July 19th in New York City as the first-ever World Middleweight Champion is crowned.  On July 19th in New York City Maxwell J. Friedman vs. Joey Ryan has been signed to determine the first Middleweight Champion. 

Additionally, both men will participate in the first-ever Battle Riot at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY. 

Tickets are available now at: https://mlwnyc.eventbrite.com.

The new middleweight division in MLW is contested up to 205 pounds. 

Friedman also known as MJF, which is monogramed on virtually all of his Vineyard Vines shirts, cars and Louis Vuitton luggage, has had a strong 2018 in MLW.  With wins over the likes of MVP, matchmakers determined he was the #1 ranked middleweight within MLW.

Returning to MLW, Joey Ryan has agreed to fight at 205, 5 pounds less than his usual wrestling weight, as he competes for his first World Championship in MLW.  An icon of sleaze, the globetrotting Ryan has had a stellar year on multiple wrestling circuits on multiple continents.  

Will MJF’s youth and tenacity lead to victory and gold? Or will Joey Ryan’s 2018 reach an explosive climax with a title win in New York City? Find out live on July 19th! Get your tickets today at https://mlwnyc.eventbrite.com.

The winner of the 40-man Battle Riot will receive a World Title shot anytime, anywhere. Elimination is by pinfall, submission or by throwing an individual over the top rope in this no DQ mega match. [Buy tickets]