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Sami Callihan vs. LA Park falls count anywhere in Miami

The road to MLW’s December double shot debut in Miami just took a shocking turn.

PCO has withdrawn from his December 13th Falls Count Anywhere in Miami bout and has suspiciously vanished from the league.

As league officials worked through the weekend on a new opponent for LA Park, rumblings about a falling out between Salina de la Renta’s Promociones Dorado and their hired mercenary Sami Callihan began to surface.

Some claim Saline de la Renta was furious with Callihan failing to take out Lawlor last month in Chicago.

Another source claims LA Park was disrespectful towards Callihan backstage and it triggered Callihan into demanding a match.  While details are sketchy, one thing is for sure: there is bad blood between Callihan and Promociones Dorado.

With chaos overcoming the league, officials were bombarded Saturday night by Promociones Dorado and Callihan to set a match for Miami.

With LA Park having an opening in his Falls Count Anywhere in Miami bout, an opportunity presented itself with Sami Callihan now stepping into the match.

Two brawlers now collide in what could be the most crazy Falls Count Anywhere bout in the history of the sport. See it live next Thursday December 13th in Miami (buy tickets).