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Does Havoc win haunt Lawlor?

Jimmy Havoc will return this spring to MLW.

England’s most dangerous man was the last wrestler to defeat “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.  Havoc and Lawlor clashed last summer in a bloody affair in Orlando resulting in Havoc pinning Lawlor. Of course, Lawlor did his share of damage to Havoc – sending the “king of the death match” to the hospital for the first time in his career.

Nevertheless, those close to Team Filthy believe that defeat still haunts the reigning World Champion.  It’s also the focus of Havoc’s obsession as of late.

Rumor has it Havoc wants in on a title shot. Does he deserve it? Will he get one?

Matchmakers are mum on the subject at the moment but sources close to the league’s wrestling operations department indicate this is a hot topic at the moment.

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