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Fusion Recap – March 23, 2019

ORLANDO, FL - FEBRUARY 23: <> on February 23, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Harry Aaron/AAF/Getty Images)

This week on MLW FUSION: LA Park got some retribution for Promociones Dorado for a bit of light beer spilled on Salina de la Renta. Brian Pillman got caught with no backup by The Dynasty. Myron Reed was distracted by his #FreeSwann movement and belief the officials have it out for him. World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor took us inside his training for next month’s match with Jimmy Havoc. Last, but not least, CONTRA Unit finally spoke out.

Death Match
LA Park defeated Mance Waner
In our main event, Salina de la Renta, the impresaria of Promociones Dorado, led LA Park into a death match vs. Mance Warner. Both LA Park and de la Renta had issues with Warner from a recent backstage incident.

On a recent episode of MLW FUSION, Warner was talking with a buddy backstage when he accidentally gestured with his beer and some of it spilled on de la Renta. When Hijo de LA Park confronted him, it ended up in a scuffle that saw the younger Park get the worst of it.

With death match rules in play, anything was legal. The Southern Psycho and the Sinister Skeleton from Mexico went back and forth for nearly 20 minutes, beating the hell out of each other. Warner had the upper hand early with a couple variations of DDTs and using a kendo stick to hammer LA Park.

But The Chairman ended up taking the victory. A huge senton onto a massive wooden board was followed shortly by a spear. Both men were exhausted, but LA Park was able to execute a cover and pick up the victory and  a measure of retribution.

Contra Unit Speaks
Josef Samael, Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch provided a video that was supposed to shed some light on what the group is doing in Major League Wrestling. We got a bit of insight. But at the end of the day, they promised violence – which they’ve already brought to the league – and said they were after gold and power.

Fatu: “We are here to infiltrate. We want the gold and we want the power. We are the international dealers in violence.”

Gotch: “And business is good.”

Samael: “You cannot burn a kingdom made of fire.” 

Alex Hammerstone defeated Brian Pillman Jr.
As our show opened, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith were dealing with an apparent setup by The Dynasty. Police dragged Hart off to jail after a report by Maxwell J. Friedman that Hart vandalized his vehicle.

While Smith was downtown working on getting Hart out of jail, Pillman went to the ring to face off with The Dynasty’s powerhouse Alex Hammerstone. Pillman held his own and even had Hammerstone set up for the cross-arm neckbreaker he calls Dire Promise. Had he hit it, Pillman might have picked up the victory.

But just as he was about to deliver the maneuver, MJF jumped up on the apron long enough to distract Pillman. Hammerstone was able to free himself and eventually score the pinfall with the Nightmare Pendulum.  

With Smith and Hart out of the picture, Hammerstone, MJF and Richard Holliday put a beatdown on Pillman. The Hart Foundation and The Dynasty face off in a 6-man Tables Match in New York City on April 4.

“Filthy” Tom Training for Havoc
Next month in NYC, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defends the World Heavyweight Championshp against Jimmy Havoc. England’s Most Dangerous Man is the last wrestler to defeat Lawlor in an MLW ring and now he has a shot at the gold in a street fight.

Lawlor has been training intently, as he usually does, for this match. We got a look at him at a Muay Thai gym, where he showed off his striking, grappling and submission skills. Lawlor is definitely taking the challenge of Havoc seriously.

Gringo Loco defeated Myron Reed
Myron Reed is all in on the #FreeSwann movement, supporting suspended MLW star Rich Swann. Reed and Swann seem to believe referees and League officials have it out for them and have expressed their opinion in numerous ways.

Swann was suspended for striking an official and other MLW staffers, recently. In his matchup with Gringo Loco, Reed seemed to be distracted by his concerns with the officials, rather than focusing on a solid competitor in Gringo Loco.

Eventually, Reed let that distraction get the better of him and Loco picked up the victory.

After the match, Reed attacked referee Doug Markham. We’ll see if League officials fine, suspend or otherwise punish Reed as they have done with Swann. Stay tuned …

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