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Promoters from around the world meet with MLW at new HQ opening

Last week MLW opened its new headquarters with a private event in New York. League officials, select wrestlers and personalities were all on hand along with a few prominent promoters from around the world.

Eyes were on senior league officials, who were seen conversing with some high profile international promoters. can confirm a variety of topics were discussed, including promoters sending their top ranked wrestlers to challenge for world championships in Major League Wrestling.

“A world title is only a world title if champions take on the top ranked guys from around the world,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “Lawlor and the Hart Foundation want these big fights and so do these promoters and MLW. Let’s see what happens.”

Sources confirm other topics discussed included promoters from around the world hosting MLW sanctioned World Championship title bouts in their organizations.

Tom Lawlor successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship at the 2019 Battle Riot against Great Britain’s #1 ranked wrestler Jimmy Havoc in a New York City Street Fight.

What top ranked wrestler from other countries could potentially step up next to fight Lawlor was a hot topic during the private event.

As promoters from around the globe jockey for a shot at bringing world championships home to their country, one thing is for sure: the world of MLW is getting bigger.

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