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Swann & Reed file complaint with league over biased officiating

Rich Swann and Myron Reed have both filed a complaint with the league’s wrestling operations division over biased officiating. 

Specifically, they’re protesting tenured referee Doug Markham’s conduct and performance as an official dating back to February.

Both men are demanding justice and have started a movement online using #Justice.

Swann and Reed were both fined for physical altercations with Markham. Swann was suspended for nearly 6 weeks due to an incident involving Markham and Bocchini.

League officials are reviewing footage. “We take biased officiating very seriously,” said Senior Coordinator George Carroll Jr.

Referees are randomly selected by the league’s wrestling operations department to officiate bouts.  League officials declined to comment on if they’re considering a rumored referee grading system to ensure a high standard of officiating fights.

League officials did confirm they are closely monitoring Doug Markham and all officials.

Rich Swann and Myron Reed want justice. Do you agree?