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Update on Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix

CONTRA Unit made good on their threat.  The global dealers in violence have changed MLW forever. Unleashing an attack unlike any other in the history of Major League Wrestling, CONTRA has left a crater size hole in MLW’s roster.

CONTRA Unit’s hostile takeover of MLW Fusionthis week was a shocking and disturbing assault broadcast on television around the world.  No one expected the catastrophic wreckage left by the trio of outsiders. After being hit with a fireball by Josef Samael, reports indicate Rey Fenix’s mask melted to part of his face. MLW’s medical confirmed that the former World Tag Team Champion has second and third degree burns to part of his face but avoided any damage to his eyes.

Without getting too graphic, MLW correspondent Kaci Lennox has confirmed that when medics removed Fenix’s mask, flesh came off with it.

Pentagon wasn’t as fortunate. With injuries reportedly focused around the eyes, Pentagon is currently receiving care for a partially crushed orbital bone and still to be determined cornea damage. Moments after the footage cut out, witnesses saw the 300 pound Jacob Fatu repeatedly gouging Pentagon’s eyes on the floor.  Moments later, the massive Samoan lifted Pentagon up above his head… with his thumbs hooked into Penta’s eye sockets to pick up the luchador.

League officials are meeting around the clock to determine what measures need to be taken to address this incident. will have more updates on this situation soon.