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WATCH SALINA DE LA RENTA’S FUSION: Callihan vs Warner loser leaves MLW + Flamita vs. Horus, Low Ki vs. Martinez

EDITORS NOTE: The following description was provided by the office of Salina de la Renta.  MLW in no way, shape or form endorses the below.

Salina de la Renta invites you to experience her vision of MLW Fusion as she presents the greatest pro wrestling broadcast in the history of the sport.

After producing a ratings smash hit episode last month; Promociones Dorado’s empresaria is back in power as the executive producer for this week’s episode.

In the main event, the Midwest Mega-Powers will explode in a loser leaves MLW match.

The gross, sweaty warthog Sami Callihan must fight his friend and goat lover Mance Warner… and only one hillbilly can have his hand raised in a match where falls count anywhere.

The main event exemplifies Ms. de la Renta’s brilliance at matchmaking. It is guaranteed one of her foes will be vanquished.  Will it be the trailer park trash or the repulsive warthog?  It doesn’t really matter.

What better way to eliminate an enemy than pitting one against the other. Adios, white trash!

Parental guidance is recommended as Ricky “El Sicario” fights Low Ki.  Witness the greatest Cuban athlete ever dominate the former World Champion.  Low Ki will need less creep and more fight if he wants to have a chance against an athlete that drips machismo like Ricky Martinez.

Be astonished as Salina de la Renta introduces Flamita to the global stage.  One of the most sought-after luchadores will make his debut in a spectacular bout against the Tijuana thriller Rey Horus.  Experience the best lucha libre in the world as two of Mexico’s top ranked luchadores compete for the empresaria.

Plus, the Puerto Rican powerbroker Ms. de la Renta has brokered another big deal… or two.  What could it be? Tune in to find out.

Showcasing great Mexican and Cuban athletes, Latin culture and dominance, it is Promociones Dorado’s privilege to celebrate the prolific vision of wrestling’s most vibrant mind as Salina de la Renta presents MLW FUSION.

• Loser Leaves MLW Falls Count Anywhere Match: Sami Callihan vs. Mance Warner
• Flamita vs. Rey Horus
• Low Ki vs. Ricky “El Sicario” Martinez