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CONTRA Unit make demands; League in crisis

In sports leagues, the world championship brings great power and influence.

With CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu the new reigning World Heavyweight Champion, the league is in the midst of a crisis. CONTRA Unit has been making demands.

While details remain sketchy, sources call CONTRA’s agenda a “virtual hijacking” of the league. Control, money, contractual issues and reported pro CONTRA propaganda are all topics CONTRA is forcing on MLW.  What will the league do? Push back… but even so, the league must find a way to bridge the gap with the new World Champion.

With CONTRA Unit carefully walking the line to ensure no championship breach has occurred that would trigger the championship being held up, the league and champion are in a contentious state.

One request MLW has acquiesced to is reluctantly allowing CONTRA to use to sell T-shirts promoting their propaganda with 100% of the proceeds going to the shadowy organization.

The league remains optimistic that future challengers will step up and dethrone the champion.  In the meantime, the league