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FUSION RECAP: Brian Pillman Jr. Takes Aim At Austin Aries

Lucha rules tag team match kicks off MLW Fusion and out comes Magnus first before his partner from The Crash Lucha Libre, Septimo Dragon makes his MLW debut. Their hill is a mighty tough one to climb as LA Park and his “Carnage” filled son make their way for competition.

LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park defeated Septimo Dragon & Magnus

Salina de la Renta shows her serpent-like game plan as the Parks play pals with Septimo & Magnus before going on the attack. El Hijo and his father use “extra curricular means” to maintain control and begin splashing both in the corner. They then begin to take a chunk out of Magnus’ chest with some slaps against the ropes, but Magnus turns the tide with a corkscrew plancha before Septimo follows suit with a Tornillo.

Magnus and Septimo get the action back in the ring and go for a double cover after a Spanish fly and senton sequence, but it’s only good for two. The duo soon lose control as the veteran wiliness of Park takes both men down. He places Septimo on top for El Hijo to smack down a top rope Spanish fly. Park plows through Magnus with a spear and the match seems all but over, but the MLW upstart Septimo kicks out.

Action goes back to the outside in a big way as Park channels his classic high flying style as he and his boy leap off the top rope in stereo cross bodies!

MLW chants are appropriately made inside the arena as the chaos gets corralled back between the ropes. Park reverts to his “beat-up, brawler” style to send Magnus down with a close encounter lariat and DDT on the top of his skull. It would have been good for the fall if Septimo didn’t come double stomping off the top for the save.

This really fires El Hijo up and he challenges Septimo to a straight-out slug fest center of the ring. “The Seventh Dragon” accepts and both Park and Magnus let the two have the floor. Elbows are traded before the two begin coming off the ropes. El Hijo ends up winning the chess match with a superkick that turns Septimo inside out. El Hijo puts Septimo in the corner and kicks him silly before executing one hard double knee face-breaker. A lackadaisical cover allows Septimo to kick out. El Hijo misses a top rope stomp that gives Septimo a successful shot at a GTS who soon turns HIjo’s face into a pigskin by kicking it through the uprights. Hijo kicks out and somehow manages to plant a lightning quick Canadian Destroyer, but it was only good enough for two.

“The Destroyer” Park comes out like a beast unleashed to deliver another close lariat and after that doesn’t get the job done, he bull charges at Magnus in the corner, but hits nothing but steel post. Magnus is about to get the three count, but Salina pulls referee Frank Gastineau out of the ring to stop the count.

A suicide dive takes Hijo onto the outside on top of Septimo and as a fired-up Magnus pummels away at LA Park likely for Salina’s actions. Gastineau attempts to pull Magnus off several times, but accidentally pulls too much and it sends Magnus crashing down on him. Park leaps off the top with a splash. Magnus has the bearings to move, but Gastineau isn’t as lucky and feels the wrath of Park’s power.

Magnus is concerned for Gastineau’s well being as Salina slithers in kick him in the lower extremities. Park rolls him up in a school boy and Gastineau comes to just enough to deliver the pinfall.

Salina seems to have zero qualms with getting her hands dirty in the ring, What may this mean for the big World Title match for LA Park at MLW Saturday Night SuperFight in Chicago?

This question is asked by Schiavone and Bocchini as the feed becomes severely interrupted by CONTRA Unit who some words for Salina. “This ain’t a business transaction,” shouts MLW Champ Jacob Fatu as Josef Samael reiterates that CONTRA is a cause and this is war. Fatu shows no fear for LA Park. He states that it’s gonna be the “Day Of The Dead” for his ass come Saturday Night SuperFight.

We get a major update from Teddy Hart as it’s revealed that the Middleweight Champion has gone against doctor’s wishes. He has flown out to back to Dallas ti make sure things don’t get out of hand for his Hart Foundation brother Brian Pillman tonight against Austin Aries.

The Von Erichs are still steaming after The Dynasty entertained the idea of buying up Texas’ Children Hospital and issued a challenge to MJF and Holliday for the belts while in Mexico next week. Not so fast. Holliday’s lawyers (slash his father) have reviewed the contract and it’s not up to par with Dynasty’s taste. They say they aren’t going to Mexico.

Dominic Garrini defeated Ariel Dominguez

The small in stature, but big in presence Ariel Dominguez enters the ring first before we see the MLW debut of Brazilian Jiu-Jistu purple belt, “The Canton Crippler” Dominic Garrini.

Garrini enters in full Gi and circles around the ring sizing up Ariel before he seeks to put pressure on Dominguez’s shoulder with a key lock. Dominguez quickly goes for the ropes and the two reset. Dominic hits a Judo hip toss and then dead lifts Dominguez to launch him across ring with a modified gut wrench.

“The Bone Collector” smells blood in the water hits Dominguez with a takedown half-nelson slam before locking in a cross armbreaker for the submission win.

Kaci Lennox steps in the ring to get some words from Garrini and boy, does he have them:

“I’m here at MLW to prove what a Gold Medalist can really do. So give me all your grapplers, give me all your fighters. Line up ‘Filthy’ Tom, line up Tim Thatcher cause I’m gonna set ’em down and tap ’em out.”

Thatcher did call out Tom Lawlor last week on Fusion, but even despite missing a media event last week, the “Filthy One” isn’t phased one bit as he’s ready and raring to knock out the rest of the “Sweet Scientist’s” teeth.

We’ve got a few updates regarding the damage done last week between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc in their Bunkhouse match: Warner suffered several injuries including a punctured lung at the hands of Havoc and while Warner’s procedure was bloody successful, that still didn’t satiate the sadistic needs of Jimmy. He’ll be executive producing the October 19 episode of Fusion which is appropriately named Slaughterhouse.

We at MLW encourage fans to show support for MLW legend Samu Anoa’i, who recently underwent 13.5 hour surgery for a liver transplant. The good news is that Samu is back on the comeback trail after a successful procedure, but liver transplants take their financial toll. A GoFundMe with a $13,000 has been set up for Samu and you can help aid him in his recovery by going to

This fall MLW fans should be in store for the next generation of greatness because “The Untouchable” Gino Medina makes his way to Major League Wrestling.

Injustice may have suffered injustice last week after the wrong man was counted down in Kotto Brazil, but their post-match actions has caused the match to not be overturned and let’s just say the young men in orange aren’t pleased. Jordan Oliver thinks the refs take an arm when they give a finger. They say that MLW officials are holding them back, but it doesn’t matter: Injustice will get their justice.

Austin Aries defeated Brian Pillman Jr.

Tony Schiavone put it best by saying Austin Aries “is his own man” as he makes his way to the ring for the main event. We see Brian Pillman Jr. come out, but unlike mentioned earlier there is no Teddy Hart. Word is that officials are holding Teddy back from accompanying Pillman. The MLW die-hards in Dallas are going nuts for Pillman as the bell rings. Aries isn’t a fan of the adulation and slaps Pillman across the mouth. Pillman, showing shades of his Flyin’ father, challenges Aries for another one. Aries is about to oblige with a spit-filled hand but Pillman blocks and sticks A Double’s hand in A Double’s face. Brian chops away at Aries’ chest. Martial Arts Advance Research Systems says that Pillman wins 83% of his matches when he uses aerial strikes (12 or more). Aries is on the run, but Pillman still goes on the attack of Aries’ chest. Austin does his best to ward off Brian, but Pillman refuses to relent.

Aries is really struggling against Pillman, but seizes the opportunity to strike Brian as he goes for a springboard back into the ring. Austin delivers a top rope drop kick and begins to to control the pace. He returns to those chest slap favors before dragging Brian over onto the apron. Aries wants to familiarize Pillman with the pain Teddy suffered with yet another scary brainbuster, but Pillman shifts his weight back into the ring. Aries still seizes the moment to snap Brian’s neck off the middle rope.

Aries locks in on the chin, but Brian charges up enough to hit a series of European uppercuts that sends Austin stumbling. Quick powerslam by Pillman for a near three count, but Austin boxes Brian’s ears for the escape.

Pillman powers up and readies himself to finish Austin off, but Aries’ is swift in suplexing Pillman over into a Northern Lights pin before locking in the Last Chancery. Pillman saves himself with the ropes.

Austin once more brings Brian back on the apron for another brainbuster, but Pillman again shifts his weight back inside the canvas and superkicks Aries to the outside Pillman looks to dive onto Aries but Austin butts heads with Brian and slides in the ring to slam him down with the brainbuster and the secure win.

A wild-eyed Aries grabs hold of the mic as the crowd boos him relentlessly. He says week after week he issues Teddy a challenge and the one reason for that is because of Hart’s Middleweight belt. Aries insults Pillman by calling him a “lackey” which had to heat up Hart who came stomping out to the ring (despite doctors’ wishes). Austin quickly stomps at the neck of Teddy who starts slugging back as we run out of time this week.

Will Austin’s words give billboard material for Teddy or will Hart’s stubbornness eventually spell trouble for the champ? The top of the Middleweight division is becoming quite dicey.