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Teddy Hart injured; out indefinitely

Teddy Hart was severely burned by an improvised device that detonated in his face over the weekend.

In the controversial closing moments of the World Middleweight Championship bout against challenger Myron Reed on FUSION (watch), Hart was attacked by CONTRA Unit, who struck fast and with fire.

The assault on Hart occurred as officials and the referee struggled to maintain order and deal with members of Injustice.

The consequences for Hart were bitterly painful and decisive.

Dreams of a historic one year reign as champion were dashed in the flash of a fireball as Reed exploited the chaos and pinned Hart moments after the CONTRA attack.

League physician Dr. Sweglar, who was by Hart’s side most of the weekend, has confirmed Hart suffered severe third-degree burns to the face and forehead, with the outer layer epidermis and the inner layer of skin heavily damaged.

Given the severity of the burns, Teddy Hart is out indefinitely. There is no time table for a return at this juncture.

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