Question still remain: who attacked Marshall Von Erich?

Who attacked Marshall Von Erich?

That is the questions weeks removed from the mysterious assault on 1/2 of the World Tag Team Champions.

While many point to Tom Lawlor (who has not commented on it to date), several other suspects are still being investigated by the league.  

Was it CONTRA?

The global dealers in violence have been a dominant force in MLW since crashing the closing moments of the 2019 Intimidation Games. The Von Erich boys are the only individuals to date to have a win against CONTRA.

Did CONTRA try to soften up Marshall prior to his scheduled title fight? No one would put it past them.

Could it have been The Dynasty fresh off of losing the World Tag Team Titles?

MJF and Richard Holliday seemed destined for a long run as the champions of the tag team division… only for the Von Erichs to abruptly put an end to the reign at SuperFight on November 2.

Did the elitists hire a henchman to do the dirty work? There are certainly rumors that this could be the case… but no actual evidence has been presented to date.

Editors note: Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father has threatened to sue MLW over his “son and dear close personal friends” being targeted by “this alleged smear campaign by the league” for including Dynasty as suspects in this mystery.

Could have the culprit(s) possibly been someone from the Von Erich family’s past?

The family has a storied history in the sport with many shadowy and ruthless individuals vowing to destroy the family. With many obsessing over the fall of the Von Erichs dating back to the 1970s, could a long-standing grudge be at work here? has learned that there was a security camera in the hallway that was damaged the night of the attack on Marshall. In the process of being damaged, the hard drive in the camera was possibly corrupted.

The league sent the camera and hard drive to a security recovery firm with the hopes of restoring the hard drive and accessing footage from the night of the attack. While a long shot, the Von Erichs and league officials are hopeful that this mystery could be solved.

If not, the mystery surrounding who was behind the attack on Marshall Von Erich will continue until a tip or individual comes forward. will continue to follow this story.

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