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Davey Boy Smith wants CONTRA Unit… and Lawlor

It’s never a good idea to be on the bad side of the mighty Davey Boy Smith Jr.

While most were celebrating the holidays, Smith opted for two-a-days at an undisclosed Tampa area gym where behind closed doors the grappler twisted and tapped training mates. 

With his eyes on CONTRA Unit after their savage attack on his cousin, Teddy Hart, Smith has made it his mission to target CONTRA. can confirm Smith has been lobbying for a match against the global dealers in violence… and he says he doesn’t care which member of the group he takes on — as long as he gets one of them.

Smith has also demanded a rematch against Tom Lawlor following the suspicious eye poke in the closing minutes of their November bout which left a mouse below Smith’s eye.

With Smith already making his hit list for 2020 it would appear CONTRA and Lawlor have officially been put on notice.