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Myron Reed calls out official for bias; league to begin grading referees

For the past year current World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed has called out referees claiming a bias against him and others. From exhaustive pre-match frisking for foreign weapons to inconsistent counts for pinfalls, there is a lot to unpack and evaluate.

The league has carefully reviewed the numerous complaints and agrees: there is a need for a more thorough referee evaluations.

MLW referees will now be graded every call in a match as well as the overall performance in each match.

Top referees will be assigned for top 10 matches. The highest grading referees of that group will work non-title main events, and the very top are crewed for the Opera Cup tournament and the championship title bouts.

Additionally, all referees will undergo a more thorough background screening to ensure they are of the highest moral character.