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Pillman moves to middleweight division

Sometimes all a person needs is a change to decode a championship run. For Brian Pillman Jr., moving down to the 205-pound middleweight division is the change he believes will click and bring a title home for the “Rogue Prince.” 

In combat sports, that change is oftentimes centered around weight. 

After jumping from featherweight to lightweight, Conor McGregor became champion in the UFC. 

Following Pillman’s impressive 2019 Opera Cup outing, which was somewhat overshadowed by Myron Reed and Injustice’s efforts to enter the tournament as alternates, some speculate the change is a direct response by Pillman. 

Is the Cincinnati native gunning for Reed’s belt? You bet.

We’re told Pillman wants to clean out the division, which just happens to include all three members of Injustice and then go for Reed’s title.

Could a Reed vs. Pillman match be in the cards for 2020? The Rogue Prince guarantees it.