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Update on Mance Warner’s uncle following Dynasty attack

On this week’s MLW FUSION (WATCH), Mance Warner’s Uncle Moonman was cruelly assaulted by Dynasty.

In a clear message to Mance Warner to back off and not interfere in their business, the Dynasty pummeled Mancer’s uncle to a pulp.

What fans didn’t see was the aftermath. 

A frantic scene transpired as Mance Warner helped his uncle to his rusty 92 Silverado, where he placed him in the cargo bed in the back and took the elder statesman of the Warner family to get treated. 

“Hey ya Dynastic assholes,” barked Warner when reached out for comment. “You don’t mess with kin. I had to toss Moonman in the back of my shitty pick-up truck and bring his ass to a damn animal hospital for treatment. You think ol Mancer gonna let this go without a receipt? You know I won’t.  I’ll be seeing ya’ll reaaaal soon down the road.” can confirm Moonman is back home in Bucksnort where he is nursing on home brewed West Virginia whiskey as he recovers.

As dysfunction within the Dynasty continues to mount, it would now appear their conflict with the “Southern Psychopath” has just entered a new and unpredictable chapter.