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Brian Pillman Jr. denounces Injustice for comments

Brian Pillman Jr., who recently moved down to the middleweight division is down for trash talking but sees red when he sees Injustice alleged “fat shaming” antics.

The 2nd generation grappler, who is in the process of dropping down to 205 pounds, has been working hard to cut weight in hopes of making a seamless transition to the division contested at 205 pounds and under.

To do this, Pillman, who has competed north of 220 pounds since debuting, has been experimenting with a version of the keto diet.

It goes without saying that Pillman has set his sights on Myron Reed’s World Middleweight Championship. Will the trash talking and fat shaming backfire on Injustice and serve as fuel for Pillman? Only time will tell.

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