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FUSION RECAP: CIMA Challenges Jacob Fatu For World Heavyweight Title On Fusion 100

The 100th episode of MLW Fusion is about pain for Jacob Fatu and he plans to do that to his Stronghearts adversary, CIMA who challenges the Samoan Werewolf for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight. “CIMA, you see my fist? It’s got your name on it,” Fatu foreshadows.

But before we witness such a massive main event, we’re graced with a massive opener as the Team Filthy mercenary in Erick Stevens go up against your 2019 Opera Cup Winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Before the match goes down, Davey Boy states backstage to Alicia Atout that Erick Stevens thinks he’s tough, but DB’s got his family ready for the attack if Stevens indeed tries anything of the “filthy” sort. In walk the Von Erichs by his side. The playing field sure is even if it needs to be.

Match 1
Erick Stevens vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Tom Lawlor is on commentary as the two lock up. Big “Let’s Go Davey” chants echo throughout the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Shoulder tackle downs Stevens as the sold out crowd continues behind DB. Several snapmares by Davey who soons piefaces Stevens down. Some very hard shots traded between the two. Two bodyslams and a leg drop leads to DB hoisting Erick up for a 30-second long vertical suplex!

Stevens goes on the outside and lures DB in on the tough attack. He looks to snap suplex DB on the outside, but Smith turns the tide with one of his own. He gives a wink to the camera, fist bumps a fan and takes the action back inside..

Stevens does try to turn momentum with a flying shoulder tackle and gets a two count. Ericks sets his sights on the left leg and wrenches back with an elevated single leg crab. DB struggles to get to the ropes, but does it.

Erick chops away at DB, but Smith fires back hard. Erick catches DB with a dragon screw and continues to focus on that left leg, but hard hits gets Stevens off. DB enziguris Stevens down. Soon he gives Erick ten hard punches in the corner, gives Stevens a back body which leads to Erick trying to beg him off. Instead he gets a kick and the two trade several pin attempts. One crisp powerslam by DB. DB catches him up top to deliver a Calgary Stampedecx before hitting a diving headbutt for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Post-match, Smith gets in the faces of both Lawlor and Garrini. Davey Boy’s white hot run continues here in MLW!

Not everyone has been invited to Fusion 100 as all three members of Injustice have been banned from the 2300 Arena and proof is shown as Atlas Security is on hand to deny the three troublemakers entry!

Jimmy Havoc will be taking on Brian Pillman Jr. tonight and we see Havoc in the bowels of the 2300. Havoc’s addicted to pain and he’s going to hurt him. And deep down, Jimmy’s genuinely sorry for that, but it’s going to happen.

We see Low Ki and this time, we’re about to see who the King Of The Knockouts is as “The Lone Wolf Of Brooklyn is looking to do just that to King Mo.

LA Park tells fans that he is a free agent and he’s too big of a wrestler to be bossed around. He makes matters clear that he can fly anywhere he wants to and fight anyone he wants to.

Match 2
Jimmy Havoc (with Priscilla Kelly) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Streamers are thrown in for Brian before the bell rings and when it does, Jimmy flips off the crowd who is in favor of The Rogue Prince.

Pillman initially goes for a takedown but Jimmy avoids. The two begin some ground game on one another. Jimmy starts with the upperhand but the two soon continue to go back and forth before Havoc finds haven in the corner. Havoc gets Brian all wrenched up, but the unorthodox ROY gives Jimmy a jolt right to the nose. The two shake hands, but Jimmy jars Brian hard with a right hand. Two snapmares and dropkick akin to his poppa puts Pillman back in control. A two count and as Pillman soon looks for a knife edge chop, Havoc bites Brian’s hand!

Havoc soon hurls Brian to the outside. We soon see Injustice continuing to argue with Atlas security as Havoc gets the advantage on Brian at ringside. A senton gets Havoc a two count before he locks in a cross arm hold on Pillman which causes a concern for Brian’s discolated shoulder.

The two get to a vertical base and Havoc looks for his Acid Rainmaker, but they continue to slug it out. Powerslam by Brian gets a two count. Repeated clotheslines in the corner by Brian who makes the most of it by hitting a beauty of a cross body on Jimmy. Havoc bites the leg of Brian, but Brian shows resiliency delivering a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before knocking Jimmy with a straight jacket lung-blower. That looks to be it, but Priscilla Kelly puts Jimmy’s leg on the ropes!

Priscilla gets on the apron as we see she handed Jimmy a trucker’s chain. Instead of hitting Brian with it, he tosses it in Brian’s hand and tries to get the DQ win, but the official isn’t having it. Pillman rolls him up for a two count. A hard shot from Jimmy, before he hits an Acid Rainmaker, but Brian stays on his feet. He goes for a second one, but Brian dodges. Priscilla climbs up top and dives off but accidentally hits Havoc with a crossbody.

Pillman rolls the dice and covers Havoc which prompts Priscilla to break it up, but she splashes on top of Jimmy in the process! Air Pillman by Brian and he gets the pinfall win!

WINNER: Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian gets interviewed by Alicia Atout on stage and Brian thanks all the fans for all the support around the world, but now he’s looking to lose a few pounds and to defeat Myron Reed for the Middleweight Title – all in the name of family.

Myron doesn’t just have to worry about Brian however, as he’ll have to face the Laredo Kid in a title defense next week after Laredo Kid got the visual pinfall on Reed seven days earlier.

Richard Holliday defended “his” Caribbean Championship on a private island earlier in the week and was bragging of that (and nude beaches) to MJF via his Air Pods.

Gino Medina was checking out the mamacitas while Hammer has plenty to say about those St. Bart’s pharmacies. After a bit of a debate, the Dynasty determines that Holliday’s Caribbean championship is the 1A belt in right beside Hammer’s Openweight title as far as status goes in MLW. They then talk about Medina’s match next week against Mance Warner and they don’t have kind things to say about the Bucksnort Brawler (nor his fingernails).

We see Mance standing beside Alicia Atout and Mance does praise Medina’s in-ring ability but says that Gino sold his soul to mingle with those well-to-do “pieces of sht.” Well, Mance has a pair of shtkickers just for the occassion. As for his Uncle who was attacked a couple weeks back, Moon Man is just fine, baby. He sure is as he downs plenty of strong moonshine after Alicia assesses it’s potency.

Josef Samael appears and makes note that CONTRA is all over, but the soldiers remain hidden, are getting stronger, and are recruiting. Ikuro Kwon and the Sentai Death Squad are getting ready for the coming war…

Next week, it will be Killer Kross vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in a dream matches of dream matches as the Killer from Hell’s Kitchen looks to take down the brash MMA smack talker, but now it’s main event time.

Main Event
MLW World Heavyweight Championship
CIMA vs. Jacob Fatu (c)

CIMA looks ready for the fight of his life as a steely eyed Samoan stares across the ring from him. Introductions are made, the title is raised and the bell rings. Big fight feel in Philly.

CIMA makes note of Samael at ringside. The two lock up before it gets broken in the corner. CIMA’s quickness gets Fatu with a few forceful kicks and he goes for a shoulder tackle, but it won’t down the champ. That happens a second time and Fatu goes for a Samoan Drop but the cagey CIMA escapes to play a bit of mind games with his opponent. He catches Jacob with a well-placed dropkick as Fatu gets back in the ring. Snapmare before hitting double knees and a senton for a two count. CIMA keeps the champ grounded with a seated abdominal stretch.

The bruteness of Fatu shows its face as he delivers a sidekick before smashing CIMA in the corner. Fatu bites CIMA and then chokes him on the second rope. CIMA is grounded, but still shows that fighting spirit.

Hard shoulder thrusts in the corner by Fatu. CIMA goes for a sunset flip but Jacob knife chops him on the mat before putting him in a tree of woe. He headbutts CIMA hard and Philadelphia boos the Samoan Werewolf.

CIMA takes some shots at Jacob’s midsection but one hard hammer puts the Strongheart back on the mat. Samael seizes an opportunity to get a shot in at CIMA before Fatu rolls him back into the ring. Fatu locks in a nerve hold in the center of the squared circle. CIMA breaks the hold but Jacobs jars his opponent right in the jaw with an elbow. So quick by the champion. CIMA looks to be in a bad spot as Jacob climbs the turnbuckle looking for a Vader bomb, but misses. CIMA quickly climbs and delivers a pair of knees to the back of Fatu. He delivers a crushing guillotine DDT to the champ before he locks Fatu up in a triangle hold center ring! Fatu finds himself in great pain, but manages to get a foot on the ropes.

CIMA tries to keep Jacob down and a roundhouse to the back of the head does so. CIMA comes off the top rope, but misses and Fatu catches him with a pop-up Samoan Drop. Fatu scales the ring and delivers a picture perfect moonsault onto CIMA. He hits a second one onto the challenger for good measure and that’s good enough for the title retain.

WINNER and STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

A fantastic effort by CIMA, but Fatu still remains a force. Out comes the Sentai Death Squad who brings out a body bag. Fatu rolls CIMA onto it before zipping his opponent up as a statement to the rest of MLW. A chilling visual as Samael draps that dreaded black flag of CONTRA over CIMA before the death squad stretchers their fallen foe off. The body count does continue to rise and we are left to wonder who can stop CONTRA’s crusade of chaos.