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FUSION RECAP: Team Filthy Crosses Pathes With Killer Kross, The Von Erichs & Davey Boy Smith Jr. In Philadelphia

Last week on MLW Fusion, Killer Kross’ debut was spoiled by Team Filthy interfering on behalf of their boy, Tom Lawlor, but such didn’t come without repercussions as this week it will be Team Filthy going up against Kross along side The Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Speaking of last week, Mance Warner was attacked at that illustrious pay window following his victory against Gino Medina, but word got out that MJF attacked Mance, giving The Brawler from Bucksnort a concussion. Due to this, MJF is banned from 2300 Arena & Warner is unable to compete tonight, but he’s got a mystery opponent for Richard Holliday.

Zenshi vs. El Lindaman

Zenshi has his shoulder wrapped up due to his rendevous with Dominic Garrini, but it doesn’t slow the Chilean luchadore. He quickness leads to he and Lindaman running into an atheletic stalemate. The two quickly slap hands in respect, but Lindaman goes right on the attack. Zenshi is the first to get a pin attempt, but El Lindamen flies on top of Zenshi via a suicide senton, and the Strongheart is fired up.

The action gets back into the ring and Zenshi finds his swing of offense, but Lindaman begins to set target on his arm. The strength and strategy of Lindaman is on full display, but soon so is the unorthodox style of Zenshi. He hits a springboard neckbreaker for a close fall and the crowd is fully into this very back and forth bout.

Zenshi goes for a handspring back splash in the corner but Lindaman launches him for a Dragon Suplex, Zenshi lands on his feet, but Lindaman captures his opponent down for his cross armbreaker submission The only thing that saves Zenshi from submitting is his left foot finding the bottom rope.

Lindaman goes for one powerful German suplex, but Zenshi ties his feet up in the ropes. Lindaman calls an audible and gives him a Northern Lights suplex into the corner and then seamlessly launches him into a German suplex, sending his foe in the middle of the ring. Only a two count, however!

A back-flip kick gives Zenshi a second chance and finds himself the first to his feet. The two men slug it out, but Zenshi remains one step ahead with some kick flurries.

Lindaman catches Zenshi with a blue thunder bomb, and then rattles Zenshi with a fierce Tiger Suplex for the 1-2-3 victory.

WINNER: El Lindaman

The legendary Kevin Von Erich gave his sons some good advice before tonight’s match, “Choose your friends wisely from now on.” They sure did with Davey Boy and Killer Kross. DB states just that. The Von Erichs are a part of his family as their granddad Fritz Von Erich trained at the Hart Dungeon. He then has some telling words for Dominic Garrini. Killer Kross “doesn’t get a rat’s ass” what Team Filthy is called because “everybody pays a toll.”

Rich Bocchini bids with Mance about revealing who his mystery man is. In due time as Ol’ Mancer is gonna pick this fella up in his truck and drive him down to the venue. As far as MJF is concerned, he’s got something “real special” for the Burberry baddie.

Alica Atout is standing by with the mystery man’s opponent in Richard Holliday and sees if Rich has any predicitions on who his mystery opponent could be. From guessing Mancer’s garbage man to Carlos Colon, he knows one matter is for certain, they’re breathing Rich’s rarified air and there isn’t any way this challenger is going to even see the shine of his Caribbean Championship (he stole this title, mind you)

The feed cuts to Josef Samael’s CONTRA and he knows that they need to prepare for the upcoming war. The soldiers remain hidden everyway. “The infiltration of the infidels is underway.”

There’s an individual who wants you to put on a “happy face,” but who is it? MLW is going to happen to wait and see.

We cut back to Richard Holliday who says he’s consulted his Lawyer / Father on his match and the fact that Mance made this decision while under the influence. He tells Mance to put the beer down and states that The Dynasty always wins, one way or another.

This feud between Brian Pillman and Injustice hits a fever pitch as the trio attacked him outside once more. Myron made an attempt to cut Pillman’s locks, but luckily Davey Boy makes the save.

Match 2
Richard Holliday vs. Mancer’s Mystery Man

Mance enters before his mystery man does and he states that this man is familiar with making Philadelphia “extreme” and in enters none other than The Blue Meanie!

Philly erupts with “BWO” chants as Mancer’s man with all the moves dances his way to the ring before celebrating with the Philly crowd.

Bell rings with some “Let’s Go Meanie” chants backing it, but Richard tries to stifle such with a Meanie dance of his own. The two have a brief dance off, but Holliday asks Meanie to make the most of the moment by dancing together. Meanie gives Hollday a dance 101 session, but it’s just a way to get Meanie’s back turned and Holliday goes on the attack.

Holliday stomps and knees Meanie down, but Meanie jabs Holliday down before taking a charge at Richard in the corner. A well placed elbow allows Holliday to viciously attacks Meanie which gets Mance fired up from the commentary booth. Rich goes outside to talk trash before taking a beer from Mancer’s stash. He then dumps out said beer and that really gets under Warner’s skin.

Holliday goes to enter back in the ring, but Mance spins him around for a Muta-esque mist of Bud Light, baby. Holliday is blinded and by this time the 20 count is reached. Richared is disqualified!

WINNER: The Blue Meanie

The party isn’t over in Philly as Mance and Meanie down those Bud Lights in a beer bash fit for The City Of Brotherly Love.

Alicia Atout asks Injustice if they have a true problem with AAA Lucha Libre. There isn’t any beef, but Jordan Oliver does have a beef with MLW management for bringing extra talent in when they have the superstars right in front of them. Alicia states that Oliver has a match with Brian Pillman next week. Injustice just hopes nothing bad happened to him.

King Mo thinks Low Ki is a fraud. All he saw on YouTube was him getting body slammed. Dan Lambert demanded that Low Ki have a corner man for his match next week against Mo in case “The Professional” needs to have the towel thrown in for him.

Next up, is LA Park’s much anticipated cooking show. LA is apron-laden and is ready to cook some sausage and eggs for the MLW faithful. He and El Hijo are ready to show you how champions eat:

There’s some symbolism in the family’s cooking as they want the gringo wrestlers to be aware that the greatness they cook at is on the level of how Los Parks performs in the ring. LA Park soon becomes upset with the lack of supplies and salt and the cooking show cuts out.

Mance follows up with his ongoing grudge with The Dynasty. He challenges MJF to a “Loser Leaves Town” empty arena match! Will Max accept?

Main Event
Team Filthy (Erick Stevens, Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini & Rip Von Erich) vs. Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & The Von Erichs

Tom Lawlor feels right at home in “this garbage city, ‘Filthadelphia.’ There’s a crowd full of people who considers themselve to be smart marks and implores the crowd to take a selfie of establishment and then throw their phones the Walt Whitman bridge. Some unsavory chants for Team Filthy which prompts him to say “screw this place.”

Out comes their opponents who look very much on the same page and no time is wasted as the bout begins in an all-out brawl.

All of the action takes place outside. It’s an old fashioned Donnybrook akin to The Broad Street Bullies, notes Bocchini.

It’s Lawlor and Ross Von Erich to start things off on the canvas as both teams take position on the apron. Ross lays Lawlor down with a slingblade and a beautiful dropkick. Ross runs for a knee in Team Filthy’s corner but misses and Erick Stevens goes on the attack. That opens up Stevens for a harsh stretch and Lawlor gets back in to take advantage. European Uppercut and jabs before tagging Stevens back in. Lawlor suplexes Stevens into RVE and in comes Garrini who delivers a belly to back breaker on Ross

In comes Rip who kicks Ross in the spine several time. A well place clothesline gives Rip a two count. An enziguiri allows Kross to come in hot and it’s suplexes for all before staring down Tom Lawlor.

A spinning heel kick connects with Kross, but he shoots right back up to dump Lawlor down with belly-to-back. Rip comes in and ducks, causing Kross to hit the official. Kross checks on the ref and Rip low blows DB. Rip comes back in with a steel chair but Marshall meets him with a Claw! He slams Rip down before splashing him with a picture perfect moonsault. The 1-2-3 is administered.

WINNERS: The Von Erichs, Killer Kross & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Post match, Kross says the party is just getting started. Team Filthy begin to assault The Von Erichs with Kendo sticks but Davey bombs Rip throw a well-placed ring board!

That doesn’t stop the brawl from heading backstage and who pops in but King Mo to assault Kross from behind. It appears King Mo is joining the ranks of Team Filthy!