Mance wins big but what’s next?

Mance Warner stared down his fate this past weekend as he battled MJF in a loser leaves MLW empty arena match. | WATCH |

With both athletes fighting for their future, ol Mancer showed immense tenacity as he endured an onslaught from the obnoxious elitist Maxwell Jacob Friedman.  In the end, Mance would go on to vanquish Friedman with a ferocious lariat that knocked the wind out of MJF.

Arguably the biggest win of his young and promising career, Mance has been making moves since day one in the league. 

In his first full year in Major League Wrestling, the Bucksnort Brawler has quickly proven he is not only a force to reckon with but a top ranked challenger for the National Openweight Title.

Within just weeks of debuting, Mance had impressed league officials enough that he was slotted in a prestigious main event bout against LA Park.  Soon, Mancer would find himself entangled in a feud with Promociones Dorado which would lead to the formation of the Midwest MegaPowers alongside his buddy Sami Callihan.  Ultimately, the two would clash in the first-ever loser leaves MLW match with Mancer sweeping Callihan away for good.

Over the next several months, the light beer aficionado would find himself engulfed in a bloody feud with Jimmy Havoc.  Spilling blood in these bruising battles, the two would fight all over the country before Mance Warner defeated Havoc in a no ropes barbed wire bout earlier this year in Dallas.

With momentum on the Southern Psychopath’s side, Mance Warner’s next move has everyone curious. Will he look to topple another member of the Dynasty? Will he challenge for Alex Hammerstone’s National Openweight Title? Perhaps. 

There are also rumblings that Warner could be heading to Puerto Rico soon to represent MLW and join Savio Vega in his wars in IWA Puerto Rico. 

Some point to Mance’s talks with the Lagunitas Brewing Company about a Mancer approved beer.

Of course, there are the stories about Mance Warner lobbying for a brass knuckles match tournament. 

And yes, there is also speculation Mancer may be serious about running for president as a write-in candidate.  

Whatever the future holds, one thing is for sure: Mance Warner’s future in Major League Wrestling is brighter than ever before.

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