CONTRA makes demands

CONTRA Unit’s occupation of MLW continues — now with some shocking new demands.

Vowing to unleash another wave of attacks on “multiple fronts”, CONTRA Unit has given league officials a list of demands.

CONTRA Unit seized the MLW headquarters on May 9 and have managed to paralyze some key aspects of the league’s operations in the process. Now, CONTRA has pushed their occupation further.

League sources have indicated CONTRA has a “lengthy” list of demands ranging from the league wiring large sums of money, signing over the rights to legally own and operate the league among other outrageous requests.

The league remains steadfast in not negotiating with the international cabal while several MLW wrestlers have spoken about rising up against CONTRA in an attempt to take back control of the league and some of the key divisions CONTRA seized during their “One-Day War” on MLW back on May 9.

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