Injustice embraces the anti-hero vibes

The revolution will be televised… and the world of MLW can’t wait.

When the dust cleared in Tijuana on May 9th, debris and wreckage spanned the entire arena backstage area, locker rooms and corridors. CONTRA flags and propaganda littered over fallen MLW athletes, staff members and crew. 

The world of MLW was forever changed. In particular, the world of the collective known as Injustice.

World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed, injured but far from down for the count, quickly scrambled to help others who had been savagely attacked by CONTRA and countless Sentai Death Squad soldiers. 

A bloodied Jordan Oliver would limp toward Reed and deliver the bad news: Kotto Brazil was in dire shape and had been rushed to the hospital. Ultimately, Brazil would be ruled unable to return to an MLW ring. [read more about this]

Livid and determined to dish out retribution against CONTA Unit, the surviving members of Injustice used MLW’s new digital series Pulp FUSION as their platform to put the international cabal on notice: Injustice was coming. They’d also drop a surprise: soon a new member would join their ranks to fight the hated outsiders CONTRA, who have disrupted and taken over Major League Wrestling.

In the proceeding weeks, Reed and Oliver called out CONTRA and hyped the arrival of a new member of their entourage. 

Chatter began to get louder. Could CONTRA have a new enemy to worry about? One featuring the World Middleweight Champion. One with heart, one with talent and one that’s not afraid to play by their own rules in Injustice.

Along the way, fans began to show support and cheer on the outspoken World Middleweight Champ and 20 year old upstart Jordan Oliver. 

Soon MLW wrestlers, who once quarreled with Reed and Oliver, began reaching out to talk about how they could team up to take down CONTRA. 

A paradigm shift was underway and Reed and Oliver weren’t fighting it… yet they weren’t changing who they were and selling out. Times had changed and Injustice, like always, was ready for a fight.

Then, this past week on Pulp FUSION (watch) Saieve Al Sabah arrived as the newest member of Injustice. Making a bold statement in his return to MLW, Saieve vowed to weaponize the mind, the body and the souls of those who follow Injustice.

Over the weekend social media chatter continued to heat up about Injustice’s future in MLW and their war against CONTRA, Injustice T-shirts sold like hotcakes on and before you knew it, three anti-heroes were born in MLW:

Myron Reed.

Jordan Oliver.

Saieve Al Sabah.

They have promised a revolution… and fortunately for MLW, its fans and wrestlers, it will be televised.

CONTRA Unit has been put on notice.

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