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Caribbean Championship to be recognized by MLW?

Richard Holliday

For months Richard Holliday along with his lawyer/father have demanded Major League Wrestling formally acknowledge the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship within the league.

The league has rejected these overtures. MLW and the Sports Ministry of Puerto Rico still recognize Savio Vega as the rightful Caribbean Heavyweight Champion.

Holliday recently took to social media to fight for the cause of the “naturalization of Caribbean Championship”. Earning thousands of alleged retweets backing his cause, Holliday has been vocal in demanding Court Bauer place the Caribbean Championship under the MLW banner.

Holliday has vehemently denied that the thousands of retweets were generated by “bots” that he personally paid for to help his cause and thus falsifying support.

However, League sources have indicated they are considering a title match to finally settle the championship lineage dispute between Vega Savio and Richard Holliday.

One option is to hold the title match in Puerto Rico, as offered by Vega. Crying about concern for his security, Holliday countered by offering to do the match on a private island.

If the dispute could be resolved, this could put the championship on track to being possibly recognized within MLW.

For decades, the storied title has been one of Puerto Rico’s most storied titles.  The championship’s lineage dates back decades and has been held by the likes of Pedro Morales, Carlos Colon, Eddie Gilbert, Abdullah the Butcher, Gorilla Monsoon and Savio Vega.

Holliday defeated Savio Vega in Dallas earlier this year on FUSION in a non-title bout. Following the match, Holliday quickly grabbed the belt and walked off having stolen the historic title. 

Savio Vega

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