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Dynastic drama: does Gino have heat with his bros?

For months there’s been speculation that the Dynasty and their newest member “The Untouchable” Gino Medina were not as tight as one would think.

While National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone and the self-proclaimed real Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday held public Dynasty zoom sessions on Pulp FUSION, Gino was nowhere to be found.

Yet Gino wasn’t hiding – he regularly popped up all over Texas with cameras finding the second generation luchador pushing the camera away as he chatted with the “mamacitas”.

With rumblings of the Dynasty on the rocks with Gino, things got a bit dicier when Holliday recently called out Gino on Twitter for an instagram post that could be interpreted as throwing shade at his fellow Dynastic bros.

Defiant and not backing down from Holliday on Twitter, Gino showed he isn’t one to be pushed around, wasting no time to hit back Holliday with a reply of his own.

As fans and the press have begun to circle this dynastic drama as it unfolded on social media, exiled former MLW wrestler MJF chimed in, which resulted in Holliday further escalating the heat between the members of Dynasty.

When reached for comment on Gino’s status with the Dynasty, Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father’s law firm retained a publicist who at the moment is stonewalling all efforts to get clarification on where things stand with the Dynastic bros and Gino (and his mamacitas).