Underground Recap: Homicide Makes MLW Debut Against Christopher Daniels


We receive extra footage of last week’s MLW World Title match featuring U.K.’s Johnny Smith taking on the champ Satochi Kojima in what was a hard-hitting chess match on the canvas. Tonight however, fans are in store for a treat as five new fighters are making their debut. Starting off is ECW’s very own Hot Commodity as EZ Money and Julio Dinero reunite to go up against Nosawa & Masada.

Nosawa doesn’t begin matters on a friendly note as he flips his opponents the double bird.

Hot Commodity vs. Nosawa & Masada

Hot Commodity immediately go on the attack but it’s the Japanese duo dolls out the retribution quite quickly. It’s not long before Nosawa low blows and savate kicks Dinero down before doing a vicious double team to EZ Money.

A beautiful headscissor takeover by Masada gets a near fall, but a jawbreaker evens the odds and EZ tags in Dinero. A powerslam by Dinero levels the playing field.

Not long after, EZ Money locks Masada in a pendeulum hold as Dinero drives his knee into the skull of their prone opponent. After two and a half years of separation, the reunited appears to haven’t missed a beat.

A gorgeous corkscrew suplex gets a very near fall for Dinero. Julio hits a Jalepeno Popper kick for a two count.

Dinero delivers a modified Olympic Slam on Masada. Just pure control by Hot Commodity. Masada, however, shows his strength and resiliency as EZ Money continues a bevvy of moves including a standing moonsault as we head to the first commercial break of the evening.

Back from the reprive, Masada is still being taken to town by Hot Commodity. EZ Money hits the Money Roll, but too much taunting gets him a shot to the gut by Masada. He follows up with one solid German suplex.

Sure enough, that’s good to tag in Nosawa. A hard roundhouse followed up shining wizard to Dinero practically gets the W, but EZ breaks it up. Due to that, EZ feels the wrath of a hard lariat. A splash from the top rope gets broken up. It’s time for Masada and Nosawa to show their tag team prowess as they take it to Dinero. A powerbomb on the outside by EZ Money stalls Masada. Soon enough after an STO, Hot Commodity hit an Ocean Cyclone Suplex for the hard-fought victory.

WINNERS: Hot Commodity

Styles details the ongoing rivalry between CM Punk and Raven. He notes that Raven’s edge isn’t quite the same as he actually seems to be enjoying himself. Their war is as much mental as it is physical.

The edge sure hasn’t been taken off The Awesome Bomb as Mike Awesome rendered his old rival Masato Tanaka unable to compete in their recent bout under the MLW banner. We cut to Tanaka who vows to never let such power ground him again.

Huge main event next week is Mike Awesome recieving his World Title shot at Satochi Kojima!

We see Los Maximos at the very spot they got attacked by The Samoan Island Tribe. The fiery brothers warn their adversaries once more to expect the unexpected.

Styles talks about the “gold digger” Francine aligning with the entitled Michael Shane. That’s not the only female fixing with an agenda in MLW: Simply Luscious is ready to make a statement as it appears someone in the MLW locker room has done her wrong.

Homicide vs. Christopher Daniels (with Jerry Lynn)

Homicide is the fifth competitor tonight making his MLW debut as he and Daniels circle one another before locking up. The two jock for position and the speed and quickness is in full force as the two reach a stalemate, but not so fast as Homicide shoulder blocks Daniels onto the outside. He then senton dives onto Daniels before stomping a mudhole in the corner once he sends him back into the canvas.

The two continue to showcase their speed and tenacity as it’s Daniels who gets a near fall after a uranage. Homicide soon returns the favor with a modified T-Bone suplex.

Homicide really begins to take it to The Fallen Angel as he hits a picture perfect hurricanrana onto Daniels. He goes for a diving headbutt but Daniels dodges to hit yet another uranage. He delivers his patented Best Moonsault Ever, but Homicide musters up the strength to shift a shoulder up.

Daniels is stunned as Jerry Lynn shouts at the referee from the outside. Daniels goes for pedigree, but Homicide shakes free and hits him with a hard clothesline.

Jerry trash talks Homicide on the apron, Daniels grabs him from behind, but it’s Homicide who turns the tide as he sends CD right into JL. A roll up, but no! Daniels kicks out.

The two fight over a backslide and it leaves Homicide just enough of a window to hit his Mafia Kick for the 1-2-3 upset!

WINNER: Homicide

Post-match Jerry and CD aren’t pleased and show that anger as they attack the debuting Homicide. You can bet that Paul London is looking on as he’s the man who issued a Young Lion’s Challenge against Lynn!

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