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Underground Recap: Mikey Whipwreck Shows Up To Face Sabu

We get a full recap of the reign of terror that The Extreme Horsemen have raised since their inception which was punctuated by Steve Corino securing the World Championship against the just-crowned Mike Awesome. The victory was not without underhandedness as both Simon Diamond and CW Anderson became a gigantic help at putting the belt around Corino’s waist.

Billy Fives vs.Christopher Daniels

The debuting Fives is a familiar face to the Fort Lauderdale crowd and is shown some major love as he makes his way to the ring. It’s not long for Jerry Lynn and Daniels to get in the head of Fives.

The match starts and the two circle one another before jocking for position. Fives shoves and slaps Daniels who bails out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Five cinches in a solid headlock but Daniels grabs hold of the arm and powers Five down as we go to break.

When we return, Five nails Daniels with a hanging neckbreaker before knocking The Fallen ANgel down with a series a punches. Fives hits a leg lariat into a leg drop, covers but Christopher kicks free.

Daniels out of nowhere cracks Fives with a flatliner. Daniels hits his BME, covers but the ever game Fives kicks out.

Fives blocks a suplex attempt and turns it into a modified Osaka cutter for a two count.

Fives looks to have it finished as he delivers Daniels’ very own Last Rites onto him!

Fives covers, but Jerry hops on the apron to distract John Finnegan and this allows Daniels to hit his Last Rites for the W.

WINNER: Christopher Daniels

A limousine truck pulls up and before with see The Extreme Horsemen slide out, a couple of ladies go first (who says chivalry isn’t dead?)

Styles shoots us over to footage of Hybrid Hell in which Terry Funk is being ganged up on by The Horsemen in the aftermath Corino and Funk’s barbed wire rope match. Dr. Death is trying to make the save, but the numbers game is too high and who comes out but Sandman! He helps the downtrodden duo clean house.

We see Dr. Death getting out of his car but, sure enough, he’s attacked by The Global Crown Tag Champs from behind. Williams fights back but it’s just too much of a numbers game.

CM Punk runs into Simply Lucious backstage and The Straight Edge star tries to sway her to his side, saying that Raven isn’t the same person. Is Simply Luscious wronged by either of these men? This should get interesting to say the least.

Homicide is ready to bring the Brooklyn ruckus to MLW. He made that clear a couple weeks back when he defeated Daniels hard with his Mafia kick.

The Gladiator Mike Awesome is none too pleased after what Corino did to him and his title reign last week, but he’s now going for “Two for Taboo.” He wants to knock him out, but the ripple in the water is that it’s Corino who gets to pick his opponent next as both Funk and Awesome are tied in the power rankings.

We see Corino and he makes his decision immediate: Mike Awesome gets it. Corino says he has an immense amount of respect for The Gladiator, but it was Awesome’s stupidity who got in the way as he said he’d defend the belt at anytime. Due to his superior intellect, Corino made the most of the opportunity. As for Terry, Corino wants an old-fashioned contract signing.

La Parka vs. Sabu 3

We’re all set for the rubber match, but matters seem odd as La Parka comes out with The Sinister Minister James Mitchell. Sure enough, Mitchell pulls off La Parka’s mask and who is it but Mikey Whipwreck!

Sabu enters and isn’t aiming to miss a beat as he’s ready to face off against his former extreme colleague.

Bell rings and Sabu dives for Mikey’s legs, but the two avoid one another. Mikey rolls to the outside to gameplan with Sinister Minister.

Sabu does trip the leg and goes for a pin, but Mikey returns the favor with a single leg takedown of his own. The two surprisingly go against their grain and it’s a mat-based game.

Whipwreck spins Sabu into a fujiwa armbar, but Sabu gets to the ropes. A whistle is heard in the distance. Mikey dropkicks Sabu down and sure enough, Bill Alfonso returns!

Sabu lariats down Mikey and covers for a two count. Sabu shows shades of The Sheik as he has Mikey in the camel clutch.

Fonzy tosses a chair to Sabu and ir’s arithmetic at this point for Air Sabu!

A brief break in action shows Mike diving over the top rope onto an outside Sabu. At this point a table is set up in the corner and a running leg lariat folds Whipwreck into the wood.

Sabu further downs Mikey with his chair assisted springboard leg drop. He locks in the camel clutch once more but the resilient Whipwreck will not submit. Sabu prompts Fonzy for a chair and wisely wedges it between the back of Whipwreck, giving him enough for the submission win.


Post-match, Alfonso and Mitchell talk smack to each other and who comes out but Jerry Lynn and Daniels to beat down Sabu! What does this mean for the two? Do they share an alliance with The Sinister Minister? We’ll have to wait to find out!