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Who is CONTRA’s masked mercenary?

Who is CONTRA’s towering masked man?

Since the vicious attack on National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, everyone has been asking this question – and with good reason.

Did Josef Samael prophesize and warn of this mysterious towering masked man? 

Earlier in the night, a CONTRA propaganda video disrupted The Restart with Samael unleashing threats and rhetoric… but in that rhetoric perhaps there was a cryptic message for MLW and the world?

Warning the world that “the black hand of CONTRA will put MLW in a death grip,” did Samael hint at the terror to come later that night?  As fight analyst Jared St Laurent pointed out during the chaos of the closing moments of FUSION, the massive masked man indeed had his left hand cloaked in a black glove.  

The masked mercenary of CONTRA appears to be very much a force to reckon with, having done what no man has done in league history: put Hammerstone down and possibly out with injuries.

After successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Davey Boy Smith Jr., Jacob Fatu seemed set on silencing the man who led the charge to rise up against CONTRA and take back MLW: Alex Hammerstone.

Grabbing the microphone, Fatu would set his trap by luring out Hammerstone claiming his “bitch ass don’t want none of this!” 

In the chaotic moments that followed, Hammerstone would power walk towards the ring only to be assaulted by two SENTAI Death Squad soldiers.  Making sure work of them, including hitting one so hard his helmet flew several feet away, the mighty Hammerstone seemed unstoppable in his collision course with Fatu.

Suddenly, a massive masked figure appeared behind Hammerstone and quickly unleashed and unforgiving and brutal assault on the #1 ranked wrestler and threat to Fatu’s title.  

Smashing a steel chair repeatedly into the back of Hammerstone, who crumpled onto the floor after a chokeslam onto the apron, the towering masked figure would reveal a black glove on his hand as he appeared to show his alliance to CONTRA’s Fatu.

The feed soon thereafter would cut out as The Restart of MLW seemed to end on a very dark moment.

Hammerstone’s condition remains under wraps, with rumors swirling that the National Openweight Champion could possibly be hospitalized. 

Who is this masked member of CONTRA? Only time will tell.