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Anxiety over Opera Cup alternate

There is some concern in the Dynasty camp that “The Untouchable” Gino Medina may try and “influence” a situation where Richard Holliday would be forced to exit the tournament, enabling Gino to swoop in as an alternate.

Holliday, who defeated TJP in the opening round, advanced to the semi-finals and is only one match from making the finals. Gino and Holliday were involved in a pre-Opera Cup incident last week, which resulted in Holliday demanding tighter security on the premises. 

Gino, one of the 2020 Opera Cup alternates, has been carefully watching Richard Holliday’s progress in the Opera Cup.  Gino, who has gone on the record stating he quit the Dynasty, appears focused on seizing an opportunity at the Dynasty’s expense. 

UPDATE: Holliday’s lawyer/father insists Gino had his Dynasty membership revoked and did not in fact quit.