Oliver wants grudge match with Gotch


Newly minted heavyweight Jordan Oliver has been itching for a crack at the jaw of CONTRA’s big mouth Simon Gotch.  

A war of words has hit Twitter with both Gotch and Oliver calling the other out. Oliver has gone on record stating he’d fight Gotch in the ring, on the streets, anywhere as long as he gets him 1-on-1.

Gotch, who was instrumental in the vicious May 9th CONTRA attack on MLW at the Super Series, assisted in the heinous assault of Kotto Brazil, which ended his career. 

Since then, Oliver has challenged Gotch.  On an episode of Pulp FUSION, Oliver was attacked from behind by Gotch who choked out the Newburgh, NY native.  

While tensions continue to run high, MLW.com can confirm league officials are working on putting this match together for FUSION.

Earlier this week, Gotch alongside Jacob Fatu challenged for the World Tag Team Champion on FUSION. The match was thrown out as Team Filthy swarmed in and attacked the Von Erichs. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring Injustice’s Jordan Oliver stormed out and punched Gotch.

Gotch is said to have a black eye and livid.

Will Oliver and Gotch finally collide in the ring? Stay tuned.

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