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Fusion Recap: Tom Lawlor & ACH Tangle It Up In The Opera Cup Semi-Finals

This week’s MLW Fusion presented by begins with Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone pulling up to the arena in style as Alicia Atout is standing by to get some comments from the two. The prospective answers had to be intriguing with Holliday being eliminated from The Opera Cup last week and Hammerstone happening to return to action tonight. However, it seems like the last person Holliday wants to talk to is Alicia, but Hammer blows his cover and says he was just using his rarefied air to speak about The Interview Queen. As the two begin to argue, they’re jumped by CONTRA’s Sentai Death Squad, but The Dynasty Bros fend them off leaving Holliday to ask once more about Atout.

The card is stacked as we first see the league return of Los Parks as LA Park Jr. goes up against the debuting Bu Ku Dao

LA Park Jr. (w/ LA Park & Hijo de LA Park) vs. Bu Ku Dao (w/ TJP)

Dao is barely five foot tall as he stares down the largest of LA Park’s sons, but the bell rings and Park Jr. goes on the attack. Dao gets knocked on the outside and Los Parks gets some extra shots in. Back in ring, Dao and Park trade shots, but a mighty low kick knocks Dao even lower. The referee allows Dao a brief spell to recoup on the outside, but Park doesn’t relent and dives onto BKD. The Parks are certainly making the most of their ringside presense as well. Dao gets several kicks on the apron against Park and flourishes it all with a cross body for a two count.

A big time enziguri by Park Jr. downs Bu Ku Dao, but the resilient youngster kicks out. Massive Alabama slam by Park gets another near fall.

Park charges at BKD, but Dao uses the momentum to give a modified twirling flatliner. Two count. Dao stumbles to his feet, but gets a headbutt from Park Jr. LA locks him in a hammerlock DDT guillotine, but Dao rolls him up for the unexpected three count!


Post-bout, Los Parks aren’t pleased at the referee’s cadence of a three count as all three give him a piece of their collective minds.

The stakes are massive tonight as we will determine who will meet Low Ki in the finals of the 2020 Opera Cup. Both Tom Lawlor and ACH appear ready with their own respective gameplans.

Jordan Oliver is standing by and he’s got plenty of anger to harbor towards Simon Gotch of CONTRA. It wasn’t long ago when he and his insurgents attacked Kotto Brazil, forcing one of the founding member of Injustice to retire from the league. Oliver didn’t leave empty handed as he did take a bite out of Gotch by giving him a black eye to remember him by. Oliver wants more. He needs to see him in the ring of Fusion. He wants to see him at Kings of Colosseum. He may get beat up, but you are not going to outlast Oliver.

Someone else who is hungry to beat some CONTRA ass is Hammerstone and according to reports, The National Openweight Champion is being held back by officials while his recent attacker makes his way to the ring for some heavyweight handicap action.

Mads Krugger vs. Ben Heavy & Daniel Starling

Together Starling and Heavy weigh in at an immense 492 lbs. All of that looks like fresh meat to Mads and Heavy gets the hand of The Black Hand. Krugger then literally uses Starling’s body to batter Heavy in the corner before he caps it off with a powerslam into his beaten partner.

A full nelson slam to Starling on top of Heavy gets a “foot on top” three count.

WINNER: Mads Krugger

Post-match, the Sentai Death Squad show their ominous heads as they body bag the fallen big men. Krugger does the horrific honors of draping CONTRA flags over his fallen foes.

It’s time for MLW Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 10 Rankings:

  1. Mads Krugger
  2. Calvin Tankman
  3. Richard Holliday
  4. The Laredo Kid
  5. ACH
  6. Myron Reed
  7. LA Park
  8. Tom Lawlor
  9. Low Ki
  10. Alexander Hammerstone

Immediately after the rankings are released, we hear Hammerstone finally find Krugger as the two brawl it out by the control center! This appears to be Hammer’s return back to action as we have brief footage of the chaos.

A seemingly safe Alicia assures she’s going to keep tabs on the developing violence, but she does break down Kings of Colosseum on January 6:

Myron Reed will get his match against Lio Rush as The Young GOAT will defend his Middleweight Title against “The Man of The Hour” in Lio Rush.

Another belt will be defended too as it’s official: Hammerstone will defend the National Openweight Championship against “The Black Hand” of CONTRA, Mads Krugger!

We see Salina de la Renta once more among the Aztec ruins in Mexico City. They’re saying that she’s the traitor. How quick to bite the hand that feeds you and how quick to forget how powerful she is. She knows awful men. She’s stared at evil right in the face and he’s stared right back her. “Mil Muertes is coming…”

We cut to the Von Erichs. They say it was great to have ACH on the ranch for ten days to train. He’s got all the tools while Lawlor’s biggest happens to be his mouth. They have all the confidence in the world in their fellow Texan.

Now, it’s main event time.

2020 Opera Cup Semi-Finals
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor (w/ Dominic Garrini) vs. ACH

Bell rings and Lawlor puts his dukes up. Front chancery starts it off and Lawlor swiftly aims for the ground game. ACH mat wrestles his way back to a vert position and Tom rolls him up for a brief pin attempt. Lawlor tells ACH he’s “this close.”

Dragon screw by ACH but Lawlor leads it into an armbreaker attempt. Leverage is exchanged for pin attempts. Lawlor restarts by grabbing the ropes and the two are back on their feet.

Side headlock by ACH gets rolled over by Tom for another pin attempt. The bout goes to the ropes and the official has to have the men separate. As the match continues on, we see brief footage of Hammerstone’s attack on Krugger backstage.

Meanwhile, Lawlor has his legs wrapped around the neck of ACH. ACH breaks himself free and ACH leaps back into a front headlock. Lawlor attempts a hip toss, but it’s ACH who does it and gets a two count. Lawlor backs into the corner and it causes ACH to let his guard down to get a cheap shot. That builds up some more shots from the former MLW World Heavyweight Champ. A low clotheslines grounds ACH for a two count.

Lawlor appears to be going for a rear naked choke and throws some elbows into the side of the face of ACH. Cover, two count. ACH cartwheels his way into a dropkick.

Hard chops from the man from Austin before setting his sights on an abdominal stretch. ACH rolls Tom up for a two count. He turns his momentum into a flurry of kicks, punches and chops in the corner before he lays down a nasty backbreaker in the corner. ACH kicks away at Tom on the ground.

Lawlor counters an ACH suplex to give one of his own before a pin attempt only good for two. Lawlor doesn’t hesitate and locks in an armbreaker, but ACH makes it to the ropes. The fight continues on the apron and the two hammmer away at one another. Front chancery by Lawlor is an attempt at leverage, but ACH roll over his foe for a sunset flip for a pin attempt. The awareness of Lawlor allows him to deliver a harsh back elbow.

ACH still stands up and both go back and forth in the center of the ring. Lawlor catches the leg of ACH, ACH trips him up goes for a double stomp which he avoids and Lawlor locks in his rear naked choke hold. The endurance heavy ACH manages to get to his feet and gets a pin attempt out of it. ACH does the exact same two more times and although he doesn’t get any three’s he continues to kick Tom down enough to deliver a tiger driver bomb! 1-2-no!

ACH stays on the task and ascends the top for a splash, but at the last minute, Lawlor gets his knees up and then rolls ACH for the W!

WINNER and ADVANCING to The Opera Cup Finals: Tom Lawlor

Tom is standing with his Team Filthy teammates backstage post-W. All the legendary names on that Cup and now he’s one step away from that, says the now 2020 finalist. For the third time, he’s going to go undefeated against Low Ki in MLW and then: “That cup might as well be a crown because you’re looking at your newest king of the mat!”