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CONTRA unleashes new member; attacks Injustice

Former World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed was set to address the media to discuss the end of historic reign as champion only for the unthinkable: CONTRA attacked.

World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu flanked by Simon Gotch and a new soldier in Daivari, pummeled both Reed and Jordan Oliver.

Gotch, who suspiciously no-showed his grudge match with Oliver at Kings of Colosseum, bludgeoned Oliver until the 21 year old’s ear bled. It became evident Gotch had no intention of fighting Oliver 1-on-1 and instead was part of this calculated attack by CONTRA.

Fatu punted Reed in the ribs numerous times as Daivari destroyed Reed’s chest protector.

Alicia Atout has confirmed Dr. Sweglar and EMTs are treating Injustice. An ambulance is at the building and readying to transfer both members of Injustice to the hospital. will continue its coverage of this incident as warranted.

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