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Kings Of Colosseum Recap: Three Title Matches Take Place

It’s the first big supercard of 2021 for MLW and it’s none other than Kings of Colosseum. There is one hell of a line-up presented by and it’s all starting off with a Bunkhouse Match for The World Tag Team Championships.

Bunkhouse Match For World Tag Team Championships
The Dirty Blondes (w/ Aria Blake) vs. The Von Erichs

Bell rings and neither team wastes any time as the two teams go right at it. The Blondes try to isolate Ross Von Erich, but a stereo double dropkick by the brothers changes all that and sends the Blondes to the outside.

The teams begin to brawl all over. It even spills through the locker room and to the outside of the arena. Ross sends Patrick careening over a table as Leo pokes the eyes of Marshall.

The chaos swings like a wild pendulum between four men as Marshall Von Erich rings Leo Brien’s bell with a cow bell. Patrick begs off Ross’ advances, and Aria Blake cheap shots the eldest of the Von Erichs. Meanwhile, Marshall back body drop reverses Brien from attempting a piledriver on the entryway.

Aria hops on the back of Ross, but shakes her free. The brothers show that Sportatorium spirit as they fight back and hit their double claw slam finisher on Patrick for the very hard-fought victory.

WINNERS and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Von Erichs

Post-match, the Von Erichs say that MLW has the deepest tag team divisions in all of wrestling. 2021 is gonna be a big year for the Von Erichs. “We’re here to fight,” says Marshall. “Dalton, my son, I’m coming home!”

Rich Bocchini and Jared St. Laurent go over Tom Lawlor’s victory against Low Ki in the 2020 Opera Cup. We see Tom relishing his win in his Las Vegas backyard and says that he’s taken the Cup everywhere (and he means everywhere). It’s the first day that he’s been sober since the win and there’s a strong reason for that. The surveying has begun for Filthy Island!

We get hyped up for the upcoming Middleweight Championship match tonight between “The Man of The Hour” Lio Rush and Myron Reed.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated MLW Top 10:

10. Mads Krugger 9. Calvin Tankman 8. Laredo Kid 7. ACH 6. Richard Holliday 5. Myron Reed 4. LA Park 3. Low Ki (who drops one spot after The Opera Cup Finals) 2. Tom Lawlor (who jumps one spot after winning the 2020 Opera Cup) 1. Alex Hammerstone

One of the major matches for the night has been postponed as the grudge bout between Jordan Oliver and Simon Gotch his put on hold. You can only imagine that this is due to the diabolical hands of CONTRA.

World Middleweight Championship
Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed (c)

It’s a Major League debut for Lio who looks all but ready for his big “moneyweight” title match. Myron Reed looks determined to make his challenger go bankrupt as the title is held high in the center of the ring and match is underway.

The two men circle one another before Lio goes for Myron’s legs. Myron levels it back up, but the two continue some mat-based work. Reset.

Standing switch by Lio, but the two continue the chess match. Lio reverses a fireman’s carry for a sunset flip pin attempt for two. Lio goes for a bulldog, but Reed slams him flush on the canvas. Slingshot leg drop from the apron gets a two count for the champion.

A harsh back elbow by Lio rush downs Reed. He follows it up with a couple of kicks to Myron’s chest protector. The two foes utilize their speed to better one another and it’s Lio who comes out on top with a bottom rope suicide dive. He rolls Myron Reed back into the ring for a near fall. Big snap suplex by Lio for another two count.

Lio attempts a mounted rear naked choke as Myron fights him off. Lio gets dirty and pulls on the nose of Reed. The bout gets back to a vertical base and it’s Myron Reed with a Hardy-esque jawbreaker, but a low 540-kick almost gets Rush the win.

The champ still kicks out. Rush talks trash to Reed as he corners him and begins to stomp away. Suplex for a cover gets another two count. Reed just won’t quit as Lio locks in a chin lock. Myron snapmares free and hits a flurry of clotheslines that dazes the hell out of his challenger. Then, in a move that would wow any top level athlete, Reed comes leaping off the apron with a unique chest breaker!

He then continues that innovation by vaulting on top of Rush to the outside and capitalizes that by hitting a major corkscrew spinning elbow from the top rope! He covers, but only gets a two.

Lio hits some back elbows to free himself from Reed’s grip and rolls him up for two count. Reed does hit a half-nelson suplex, but Lio lands on his feet. Myron plants him with a standing fireman’s carry before nailing Rush with a standing kick to the mush for a near fall. Reed sizes him up for his cutter finish, but Lio wisely rolls himself to the apron for recuperation. An extremely cagey move. Rush begs Reed to come over and he hangs the champ over the top rope, allowing himself to launch himself on Myron onto the unprotected floor. Rush gets him back in and hits a spinning facebuster for a very close fall!

The high-flying continues to come into play for both men, but it’s Myron who changes the tune with a stunner jawbreaker to do just that to Lio.

The two trade shots. It’s a variety of attacks by the two, but it’s Reed who gets the better of the battle with an enziguri. Lio goes to the outside and that may have been a fatal mistake as Reed hits an inside-out cutter onto the outside!

Reed rolls Rush right back into the ring and leaps off to hit his No Cap Splash, but Lio moves at the last moment and hits a bottom rope springboard stunner to dizzy and Reed. Lio leaps up top and hits his “Final Hour” frog splash for the victory and a new Middleweight Champion!

WINNER & NEW World Middleweight Champion: Lio Rush

“What did you expect when ‘The Man of The Hour’ steps foot into an MLW ring?” Asks Lio Rush. He calls Myron a “paperweight” champ and says he’s holding the gold. He brags about all his other ventures before saying there’s not a damn thing anybody can do about him being the World Middleweight Champion. The debuting Rush puts an end to Reed’s over-year-long reign.

Alicia Atout is standing by with National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone as he’s setting his sights on CONTRA’s “Black Hand” Mad Krugger, but that feed cuts to CONTRA’s controller in Josef Samael. They’ve been categorized as a violent group and that is true. He says a new soldier in CONTRA will take arms tonight as Krugger takes Hammerstone’s title and career. “Hail CONTRA!”

Bocchini and Jared St. Laurent talk about the happenings of the evening as they’re interrupted by Salina de la Renta. She has a big reveal for next week: de la Renta indeed will be executive producing Fusion and there’s a major match planned. She and her former Destroyer LA Park cut a deal: if she can get him a title shot, he and his sons will join Promociones Dorado. Therefore, his two sons will take on The Von Erichs for the World Tag Team Titles.

We cut to Myron Reed. “Lio was the better man tonight, but don’t forget, I’m still ‘The Young GOAT.” He’s going to do whatever it takes to get that championship back. Suddenly both he and Jordan Oliver are attacked by Simon Gotch and Jacob Fatu! Who also enters the fray but Davairi, clearly aligning himself with the infidels. Fatu tears off Myron’s chest protector and drape the CONTRA banner over his body before echoing Samael’s former shouts in “Hail CONTRA”.

Alexander Hammerstone looks to silent that tonight as we ready for our evening’s main event.

National Openweight Championship
Mads Krugger vs. Alexander Hammerstone (c)

The bell doesn’t even ring and Hammer comes charging at Krugger on the outside. He belts Mads with the gold and sends The Black Hand in the ring.

Krugger catches him on the top rope and tosses him off. Krugger goes for a chokeslam, but Hammer blocks it. A big boot by Krugger sends Hammer toppling to the outside. The two fight it out ringside and it’s Krugger who flapjacks Hammer onto the hard apron.

Krugger takes the action back on the canvas and the two big man toss big hands at one another. The larger Krugger knocks Hammerstone down. He puts him in the opposite corner, but Hammer vaults the massive Krugger with an overhead belly to belly!

He then soon hits a flying clothesline to daze the monster. Another big clothesline in the corner who then follows that up with a bicycle kick and a pump handle suplex! Even after all that, Krugger gets a shoulder up at one!

Hammer hits another bicycle kick and then goes for his Nightmare Pendulum, but Krugger stops it. The fight goes to the corner. He soon dumps Hammer over the top rope and the fight goes to the outside. The feed briefly gets cut as we get word production has fleed to the back. We can hear the ref continue to count as the two beast beat on one another on top of the stage. The match gets thrown out and we’re out of time!