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Rush/Reed 2 in works?

Myron Reed

Myron Reed

After the classic Rush/Reed championship clash at Kings of Colosseum, fans and media alike have been asking if and when Myron Reed will pull the trigger on his rematch clause.

“That title fight is what MLW is all about,” said Court Bauer. “Would I do Reed/Rush 2? In a minute. But, Myron has some other stuff he needs to address first.”

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Reed along with Jordan Oliver were savagely attacked by CONTRA during the post fight press conference. Left beaten on the floor, CONTRA’s newest soldier, Daivari, would rip off Reed’s chest protector and destroy it as a beaten and bloodied Injustice were covered in CONTRA flags.

Daivari’s emergence gives CONTRA another middleweight challenger in addition to Ikuro Kwon, which complicates the title picture.

Injustice has yet to make a statement about the attack or pursuing a rematch.

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