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Leather Strap: a history of violence

Savio Vega

Savio Vega

Stains of sweat and blood are splattered all over the dark tanned leather belt. The remnants of a war waged 25 years ago between Savio Vega and Steve Austin over the course of the spring of 1996 in a series of Caribbean Strap matches.

This coming week on FUSION, Savio Vega will dust off that same leather strap used during that explosive saga as he looks to introduce the brash, big-mouthed Richard Holliday to some Puerto Rican humble pie.

“This belt has been with me all this time,” Savio Vega told “It reminds me of (the) good fights and the crazy times… I have had this leather strap in my garage for years. I see it every time I come and go. It’s there. Always reminding me. Now, I take it off the wall and we go back to work one more time.”

This Wednesday Savio Vega fights Richard Holliday to determine once and for all who the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion is as they battle in a Caribbean Strap Match.

Watch Holliday vs. Vega this Wednesday night at 7pm ET.

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