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King Mo asks MLW to RELEASE Low Ki

King Mo and Dan Lambert have filed a request with the office of Wrestling Operations to release Low Ki from his deal as a “compassionate release” citing undocumented neurological damage suffered last year.

According to the complaint, American Top Team believes “Low IQ”, as he’s labeled in the document, is hiding brains scans that show “considerable brain damage” and evidence of a severe concussion suffered during the King of Knockouts bout between Mo and Low Ki last year.

Dan Lambert has demanded MLW move quick or risk American Top Team issuing a formal complaint with the athletic commission.

When reached for comment, league officials stated they are satisfied with Low Ki’s medicals and that he is “fully cleared to compete” and called King Mo and Lambert’s tactics “grandstanding” in an effort to disparage Low Ki.

When pressed about a possible Low Ki/King Mo 2, league officials confirmed there are on-going talks for such a fight on the horizon.