Von Erichs help Filthy Island castaways


Fight week for Filthy Island combatants off to a rocky start

Von Erich ranch in Hawaii

Fight week for Filthy Island started in controversy.

Earlier today several wrestlers slated to compete on Filthy Island were told their reservations at an undisclosed Hawaii resort hotel had been cancelled.

Flying thousands of miles to compete in the first-ever Filthy Island only to find out you have nowhere to stay left the wrestlers less than happy.

With Team calls to Team Filthy going straight to voice mail, things were looking bleak… until Ross and Marshall Von Erich reached out to Filthy Island castaways.

“We caught wind of this fiasco and invited everyone over to the family ranch,” said Ross Von Erich.

“Traitor Tom does it again,” said Marshall Von Erich. “Mister big time promoter probably is still trying to find the money to run his show this Wednesday but in the meantime we’re going to have a biiiiiig cookout here! I got a pig roasting! We’re going to have a good time tonight!”

With wrestlers well fed and taken care of – thanks to the Von Erichs, Filthy Island certainly is off to an unpredictable start.

When MLW.com reached out for comment, Lawlor denied the claims and was emphatic that Filthy Island was still on track to be “the greatest prizefights in paradise ever!”

Watch Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island this Wednesday at 7pm ET on MLW’s YouTube Channel.

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