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Lawlor flees Filthy Island in the dark

Tom Lawlor’s first (and only?) outing as a promoter ended with the 2020 Opera Cup champion fleeing Hawaii in the middle of the night with several crew, staff and wrestlers still to be paid.

Following a pier 6 brawl which saw Lawlor tossed by Low Ki into the windshield of a Jeep, Lawlor was quickly escorted by Dominic Garrini, King Mo and Kevin Ku in a car to a nearby medical facility.

Despite earlier reports, a source indicated to that Lawlor suffered only a few minor lacerations.

With ornery wrestlers, a beleaguered production crew and staff waiting back at camp to be paid, Lawlor would prove to be a no-show.

Meanwhile, irate calls from Court Bauer to Lawlor about what had aired on Filthy Island would go nowhere with Bauer reportedly getting Lawlor’s voice mail on several attempts.

Soon, the stiffed parties, along with locals who claim to have been disrespected by Team Filthy, joined to form an angry mob. Searching for Lawlor and Team Filthy, things looked to get ugly… if they could only find Lawlor.

Turns out Lawlor and Team Filthy boarded a vessel in the middle of the night and made their hasty exit from Hawaii in darkness.

What’s next for Team Filthy? Will Lawlor be held accountable for his actions? Will there be a Filthy Island 2? Only time will tell.