Where in the world is Mads Krügger?


The Black Hand of CONTRA lurks in the shadows

Mads Krügger was last seen delivering a crushing punch to Alex Hammerstone after tricking the National Openweight Champ into thinking he pinned him only to find out it was a decoy of the “Black Hand of CONTRA.”

Since then, the CONTRA commander has not been seen. Where has he gone? What is his next move? The mighty Hammerstone may have to have eyes in the back of his head as Krügger appears to thrive in the shadows as he plots his next attack.

In a recent CONTRA propaganda video that has been transmitted online, Josef Samael revealed Krügger had joined him at an undisclosed location in the Russian mountains as they read for their next attack. Samael appears obsessed with doing whatever it takes to keep the #1 ranked wrestler in MLW from realizing Hammerstone’s goal of battling Jacob Fatu for the World Heavyweight Championship.

What does CONTRA have in store for Hammerstone next? Only time will tell but the mind games and chaos conjured by CONTRA appear to have just begun.

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