Underground Recap: Abdullah The Butcher Seeks Bounty Against Terry Funk


This week on MLW, we get a special return of the classic Underground series presented by www.newlawoffice.com and Joey Styles reveals that War Games has been declared for September 19 between the legends and The Extreme Horsemen!

Styles states that earlier tonight, Terry Funk faced Abdullah The Butcher who sought a $10,000 bounty on the Hardcore Legend. The Funker has quite the road ahead of him because if Terry can survive an added bounty hunter, then he’ll get his shot at World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino, but let’s not forget he’ll also need to survive the upcoming War Games as well! We then kick this episode off with some fresh faces on the scene.

Rich Criado vs. “Canadian Dynamite” Josh Daniels

Criado hails from Allentown, PA and he is about to square up against Canadian Dynamite Josh Daniels making his MLW debut.

The two circle one another before locking up. Hard elbow by Criado as he exudes arrogance. The two get technical as we cut to break.

Back from break, the two trade waist locks, but Daniels dumps Criado on the outside which sets Rich up perfectly for a tope suicida!

Criado tries to get back in the ring but finds his boys in dire straits on the apron and then with a Manhattan drop! Cirado does hit a backbreaker which gives him a near fall, but soon follows up by dropping a knee and he gets another two.

Both men get back to a vertical base and it’s Daniels who follows through with a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

Criado however, slows the pace of the match down and works over the Canadian Dynamite. Criado soon delivers a mighty crisp brainbuster before he takes his good time gloating. That almost costs him as Daniels reverses and arrogant pin attempt.

Criado continues to take his “damn time” (as Styles liked to put it) and he pays for it with some hard chops from Daniels. Criado thumbs Josh in the eye before hooking Daniels in a modified abdominal stretch. Daniels really turns the tide with a beauty of a German suplex, but that only gets a two count!

Daniels charges at Criado, but Criado levels him hard with a Michinoku Driver! Somehow Daniels gets a shoulder up!

Criado charges at Daniels in the corner and that’s a mistake as Daniels moves. He hooks Criado with a full nelson before bridging it into a harsh dragon suplex for the pinfall victory!

WINNER: “Canadian Dynamite” Josh Daniels

Back to Styles. Jimmy Yang is teaming up with Tony Mamaluke as they’ll take on Los Maximos and Joel and Jose warn the two to expect the unexpected.

We cut to the Extreme Horsemen. There’s no animosity between the three extremist, but Cornio knows there’s plenty of backstabbing happening between Terry Funk and Sandman. Those matters shouldn’t go over well in War Games. CW Anderson includes Dr. Death in that mix as well who is Sandman and Funk’s partner. Simon Diamond can feel the animosity on the other side while The Extreme Horsemen are in together as a unit. For years, they’ve waited to be on the top of the mountain and now they are able to look down at the legends (and spit at them to boot).

Sinister Minister James Mitchell loves the smell of burning flesh in the morning and specifically if it comes from Sabu. Los Maximos come in looking for their trainer Mikey Whipwreck, but unfortunately, they interrupted him during “happy time” and he sends them on their way. Mitchell has had some training as well when it comes to assisting Christopher Daniels and his recently recruited disciple, Jerry Lynn

MLW will be crowning their first Junior Heavyweight Champion at War Games, but then we see the footage of Funk vs. Abdullah from earlier in the evening.

Terry Funk vs. Abdullah The Butcher

Terry comes out ready to rumble, but it’s not Abby who walks through the curtain, it’s Steve Corino. Terry takes exception to that and lets the crowd know it. Corino tells Terry that there’s nobody he hates more than him.

He’s what’s wrong with the sport of pro wrestling. He should have been retired a 160 years ago (a bit of an exaggeration on the champ’s part). Corino says Terry has two wins over him, but he’s the World Champ and he’s not. He teases Terry with the mic and believes that Funk represents these moronic fans. He tells him that he canceled Abdullah The Butcher. Corino taunts Terry further and Funk goes to fight the champion on the outside, but Abby does appear and he attacks Terry! The match is underway as Abby brawls with him on the outside!

Abdullah and Terry find themselves center ring and at this point, the Funker’s a bloody mess! He’s attacking Funk with shards of broken glass! Terry shows there is no quit in him as Abdullah makes sure his butcher fork is in play, but the Funker is fearless as he fires away at Abby (that includes some repeated low blows!) Terry wields a steel chair and tosses it at a laid out Butcher. We cut to break as the two vets continue to duke it out.

Back from break, Abdullah drops a solid elbow on Funk for a near fall.

When the two rivals get back at a vertical base, The Butcher sends Terry to the ropes but Terry catches him with a high cross body for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Terry Funk

Styles lets us know that Funk isn’t finished escaping the bounty hunts as next week he’ll be taking on Jerry “The King” Lawler. Styles lets us know that Satochi Kojima is lying in wait to reclaim his World Heavyweight Title.

Los Maximos vs. Jimmy Yang & Tony Mamaluke

Joel and Jose are ready to for their challengers as Tony Mamaluke makes his MLW debut.

Yang and Joel start things off as Orlando is all ready for some tag action. Jimmy and Joel go back and forth as Jimmy dropkicks him out of the ring.

Maximo pulls Jimmy down, but it’s Jimmy who gets the better with a corkscrew dive. Tag to Mamaluke. Big back body drop for a two count. Mamaluke catches him with a fujiwa armbar, but Joel flips him with a belly-to-belly. Jose comes in with a haymaker and then finds a strong connection with a flipping kick. It’s all capped off with an Asai moonsault to the outside and the Orlando crowd is going bonkers.

Los Maximos delivers a double facebuster to Mamaluke as they cinch him and Yang in a double team pendulum submission. An arrogant cover doesn’t serve the brothers well, however.

Jimmy Yang comes in with some harsh shoulder thrusts and then delivers a spinning heel kick for the ages.

Textbook vertical suplex to Jose for a two count before Jimmy tags in Tony. Hammerlock suplex makes the left shoulder a focus of attack on Jose, but Jose rolls through submission attacks. Tony shows his veteran savvy with a hammerlock submission lock and brother Joel has to come in for the save!

Yang tags himself in and then tags Jose hard with a flurry of kicks. Yang then uses the apron to strangle Jose with a head scissors. Jose ultimately nails Jimmy with a mighty fine Frankensteiner!

He makes the tag to his brother as Yang tags in Tony. Tony goes for a springboard bulldog, but Los Maximos catches him with a double team moonsault that was bridged from the top rope!

Los Maximos go for a crossbody Doomsday Device, but Mamaluke reverses it into a belly-to-belly!

Yang shows his extreme prowess on the outside and gets help from the crowd, but it’s Los Maximos who finds the window of opportunity. They hit a top rope double Spanish Fly on Mamaluke and that’s all she wrote!

WINNERS: Los Maximos

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