Underground Recap: Jerry Lawler Seeks $10,000 Bounty Against Terry Funk


A special episode of MLW Underground (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) starts with none other than the legendary Jerry Lawler. The King says he was grinning ear to ear when he received a phone call from his friend Steve Corino to collect a $10,000 bounty on his longstanding enemy, Terry Funk. He can’t wait to ‘finish the job” but Terry is more than ready for his old foe. Terry calls Jerry “Tennessee trailer park trash with a Bob Barker face-lift” before reminding him of “The eye, Lawler! I will never forget the empty arena match in Memphis, TN whenever you broke that stick and stuck it in my eye,” Terry states. “Tonight in St. Petersburg, you wrestling fans are gonna see a real fight. Terry is the real deal, a mean son of bitch,” and a lifetime grudge against The King or as Terry calls him: “An a**hole”.

Sonjay Dutt calls out Jimmy Yang as “The Original Playa” makes his MLW debut.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Yang

The two exchange tie-ups before trading technical maneuvers. Yang however makes it to the ropes and the crowd boos at that cop-out. The men aviod their athletic advances and Dutt does one beauty of a triple tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. Yang is on the outside and Dutt makes him pay with a high springboard crossbody!

Dutt slows it down with an armbar and then a dropkick. Two count. Dutt remains in control with a chop until Yang drop toe holds him in the corner and then decapitates Dutt with a spinning heel kick! Yang tosses Dutt to the outside and sends him careening into the steel guardrail several times.

Yang soon triangle chokes Dutt over the ropes and then gets a two count. Backbreaker attempt gets countered by Dutt for an octopus stretch. Yang, however, counters a headscissors with a backbreaker. Near fall. Yang surfboard stretches Dutt and rolls him into a rear chin lock. That then goes into a double arm bar and it all looks quite painful.

Yang gets caught with a high cross body by Dutt and it’s a two count for him. Calf kick into a springboard leg drop gets another near fall from Dutt. Spinning elbow by Dutt for a third two count. Yang hits an ugly jawbreaker and chops away at Dutt. Sonjay hits a momentous spinning DDT.

The crowd claps both men to their feet who exchange shots before Dutt goes on a flurry attacks. A leaping neckbreaker gets a two count for Dutt.

Several forearms to the face of Yang. Hurricanrana off the top from Dutt and a very near fall. Dutt kicks Yang, but Yang does the same which drops Dutt. 1-2-kickout. Dutt catches Yang with a 450 headscissors takeover pin attempt! Two count.

Yang catches Dutt with a rib-breaker and hits a massive moonsault for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Jimmy Yang

Yang stands tall, but what a debut for Dutt!

Where will the violence between Sabu and Christopher Daniels’ disciples end? Well it could be soon as Styles makes clear that both parties are making their case for a “Loser Leaves MLW” on September 19, but next week there will be a Spike Match between Sabu and The Fallen Angel.

CM Punk wonders of Raven’s whereabouts before stating his infamous catchphrase. It so happens that Raven is standing right behind him. He compliments said catchphrase before giving him a harsh shoe to the face!

$10,000 Bounty Match
Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk

Lawler saunters out in his royal regalia first, but Terry Funk truly comes out in his old school branding garb certainly to get into his old foe’s head!

Lawler grabs the mic. He says he’s gonna end Terry’s career right here tonight. Terry’s been around way too long. He thinks Corino should receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for what he did to Funk. Big “Terry” chants as Jerry claims that those chants are stating his name.

Funk grabs the mic and tells Lawler that he would end his career, but says he never had a career to begin with. That fires Jerry up, he steps into the squared circle and the bell sounds. Terry hits his straight right jabs and then a haymaker that sends Lawler down!

Funk tosses him outside. Funk piledrives Jerry right on the entryway! He goes to do it again and is once more successful! Jerry is down and out as he argues with the official. St. Petersburg is going nuts as Simon Diamond hands something to Lawler on the stairs to the entrance. Jerry nails Terry with a spool of barbed wire and that causes Funk to bleed like crazy!

Funk however fires right back and nails Jerry with two stunners and a hangman’s neckbreaker. He covers, but Jerry gets his foot on the ropes. Jerry ends up jackknifing Terry in the corner with his feet on the ropes and picks up the underhanded win! The Extreme Four Horsemen come out to stomp away at Terry!

WINNER: Jerry Lawler

Jerry gets on the mic and says how much of a pleasure it was to defeat his old foe. Simon however says the bounty was to take Terry Funk out permanently, not pick up a win. They say Jerry isn’t getting a dime! Jerry wants his money now. “N-O. No,” says Simon. Jerry takes out both CW and Simon, but in comes a masked Steve Corino to attack Lawler. Terry tries to climb on the apron but Corino stomps him off. The Extreme Horsemen have welshed on the wager. Funk and Lawler begin brawling on the outside to determine who goes after the adversaries. They decide to both do it! They grab hold of Corino and hit Corino with the chair! They go to rip the mask off of Steve Corino, but another masked man comes in to attack! Sandman and Dr. Death come in to even the odds. Oklahoma Stampede on CW! Lawler and Funk still continue to battle with one another as this blood feud seems to never end.

Dr. Death and Sandman try to have the two make peace with one another over a beer. “Drink” chants begin. Simon Diamond yells from the stage that the Extreme Horsemen want a War Games match! Lawler says he will always hate Terry, but he will be Funk’s partner for one night only to teach the punks of the Extreme Horsemen a lesson! Terry doesn’t mince his words about how he feels about Lawler, but still offers him a handshake. Jerry accepts: “One night only.”

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