Underground Recap: Samoan Island Tribe Fly High, Spike Match Between Sabu & Daniels


MLW Underground returns (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) and we receive a recap of The Extreme Horsemen’s attack on Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk. Now they’re gearing up for War Games against the long-time rivals in Funk and Lawler, but joining their side will be Dr. Death and Sandman to take the Horsemen out. Steve Corino, CW Anderson & Simon Diamond makes it clear that “Horsemen” & “War Games” goes hand-in-hand, but those geezers in their 90’s will be facing prime men in their early 30s.

Dr. Death says it’s gonna be a war, but he can’t think of anything better than having these three men at their side. Lawler notes of Funk’s blood on the floor and wants to tell Funk one thing: he’s never had a problem with Williams or Sandman, but he’s had 20 years of hatred with Funk. He’s ready to set that aside September 18, but is Funk. Terry mentions the eye and it riles Lawler up. Funk says in War Games you need a thief, you need a liar, you need a crazy son of a bitch, but he doesn’t see that. He sees four mean, tough son of a bitches that will get the job done. Sandman wants to head to the bar.

Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Warfare
Monsta Mack & B-Boy vs. The Samoan Island Tribe (Samu & Ekmo)

Mack’s Da Hit Squad partner in Mafia happened to be attacked backstage by SIT therein taking him out of commission for the bout so instead, B-Boy will make his MLW debut via baptism by fire. Bell rings as Mack and B-Boy don’t waste any time, but SIT take their chemistry to B-Boy before slamming down Mack in the same fate.

Samu crotches B-Boy on the barricade and Samu continues his attack – one that includes beer and biting. Ekmo delivers a hard shot to the side of Mack’s skull before bodyslamming him down. Samu sees a table and slides it perpendicular to the ring. B-Boy fights it off briefly as Mack delivers a chairshot to the back of Ekmo, but the Samoan Wrecking Machine hits a Samoan slam on his foe.

He presents a ladder at ringside but B-Boy catches him with a leg drop. Mack and B-Boy get hold of the ladder and set it up in the ring as Mack makes sure Samu is laid out on the table. B-Boy charges at Samu but gets caught with a chai before getting place on the table. Ekmo once more takes out Mack before the big man kips up. Ekmo leaps up top and then jumps off onto B-Boy with a picture perfect splash onto the youngster. 1-2-3 and B-Boy’s brutal baptism is over.

WINNERS: The Samoan Island Tribe

Bill Alfonso and Sabu are backstage. Sabu is a scarred up freak and he’s all ready for the spike match against Christopher Daniels tonight. Alfonso promises a spike to Daniels’ eye.

The Sinister Minister says Homicide got lucky pinning the shoulders of Jerry Lynn. If Homicide thinks he’s going to over come the Young Lion’s Challenge, he’s been watching too many damn Disney movies. This ain’t the Lion King. Jerry Lynn is pissed of and he’s going to establish once and for all that Jerry is the king of the MLW jungle. Jerry says he’s just started and Homicide has just started treading the waters of his dark domain.

Homicide says Jerry Lynn is entering Homicide’s world tonight and is all kinds of amped up for his bout backstage.

CM Punk is sick and tired of his saga against Raven. He can’t get rid of him. Seems not that long ago Raven wanted to head up north to “the circus” and he cleaned himself up. Well he blew that when he was up there and fell back into the booze, the drugs and the women. Even Punk’s straight edge movement may not help Raven at this point, but someone who may be able to is Punk’s protege in Nosawa. At War Games on September 19, Nosawa vs. Raven.

Young Lion’s Challenge
Homicide vs. Jerry Lynn (with Sinister Minister)

This is the second match in the Young Lion’s series. If Homicide wins, he’s in MLW. Bell rings and Homicide works the arm, but the seasoned vet rolls free and we head to break. Back from it, Homicide is a bloody mess and Jerry hits him with a TKO for the 1-2-no!

Jerry looks for a clothesline, but Homicide ducks him and rolls him up, 1-2-3! Homicide is a part of the MLW roster!

WINNER: Homicide

Lynn isn’t pleased and shows as much by cradle piledriving Homicide. Sinister Minister hands Jerry the ring bell and he leaps off the top to crack Homicide with it! The medical team come out to check on the newly christened MLW competitor.

Everybody is talking about the junior heavyweights in MLW and you’re looking at one in Sonjay Dutt. This tournament that everyone is talking about too is something he plans to win.

After Punk’s earlier comments Raven is game to face Nosawa at War Games and he plans to keep matters simple by beating him.

Spike Match
Christopher Daniels (with Sinister Minister) vs. Sabu (with Bill Alfonso)

Alfonso, with busted left arm and all, hypes Sabu up as the extreme veteran brought a spike of his own. A steel spike is driven into a table sitting in the entryway. First man to get their hands on it can use it. CD and Sabu carefully feel one another out as Alfonso whistles away. Sabu sweeps the leg of CD and wraps him up as we head to break.

Back from it, CD nails Sabu with a BME before pulling the spike from the table.

He takes a jab at Sabu, but he gets it blocked! Sabu now has the spike, but Daniels floats over in a beautiful submission hold. That gets broken up but Daniels nails him with not one but two enziguris!

The fight spills to the outside and Daniels drags a table over at ringside. CD places him on the table and the Fallen Angel ascends up top. Sabu scurries up to join him for a superplex attempt, but instead socks him hard in the ring for a leg drop. Kick out at two. Bill slides in the table for Sabu as Daniels trips him up for a pin attempt. He places the table in the ring, but it only sets himself up to be laid out on it! Sabu climbs as Alfonso hands him a steel chair! Arabian facecrusher through the table!

Both Mikey Whipwreck and Sinister Minister try to meddle, but Sabu fights them off and nails Daniels three times with the spike! Sabu drives the spike in the skull of Daniels and the bloody CD has no option but to submit!


Whipwreck helps Daniels to the back, but what does this mean for their “Loser leaves MLW for 60 days” match at War Games?

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