Underground Recap: Samoa Joe Encounters Mike Awesome


Even despite submitting Steve Corino in War Games, Terry Funk has had his fill of The Extreme Horsemen and earlier in the day before this episode of Underground aired (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) the Funker fought his way through an autograph signing to maim the World Heavyweight Champion. Terry even had some barbed wire to wrap around the mush of Corino and not even the rest of the Horsemen could prevent the veteran from putting on such finishing touches!

Round 1 J Cup USA Tournament
Jimmy Yang vs. Juventud Guerrera

Juvi gets a warm reception from the Fort Lauderdale faithful and he offers a hand to his opponent. Y

ang is hesitant at first but then obliges. It should have been Juvi who should have taken pause because Yang delivered some hard slaps across the mouth. The two go back and forth before locking up in a test of strength. This leads to further athleticism but Juvi gets caught with a back elbow. Guerrera continues to show grit as he recomposes to leap onto Yang from the outside!

The tide turns once Juvi tries showboating and Yang snake eyes him off the turnbuckle before choking the life out of him over the ropes with a triangle hold!

Still, Juvi holds on and attempts a Juvi Driver, but nothing doing. He nails Yang with a spinning heel kick.The two trade chops and Yang nails Juvi hard with a standing dropkick!

Jimmy locks the forearm of Juvi to put the luchadore in a chin lock. Juvi jostles free due to a lariat attempt by Yang and hits an elevated DDT. Follows that up with a modified facebuster for a near fall. Soon the pins come right after another and there’s simultaneous clotheslines that knock both combatants in a stalemate of sorts.

Both men get to their feet to smack the flesh off one another. Yang does reverse a dragon sleeper, but Juvi does the same to nail a Juvi Driver. He takes very long to set up Yang for the 450 splash, but Yang rolls out of the way. Juvi connects with a fisherman’s driver that shook the canvas: 1-2-no!

Still, Yang feels the effects from that as Juvi chops him in the corner.; Yang gets flung in the corner, but that fisherman’s driver has him disoriented. Nonetheless, Yang connects with a dropkick before nailing Juventud with a Yang TIme splash! 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jimmy Yang

Mike Awesome doesn’t care what Samoa Joe’s name is as long as his hand his raised when he hears that count to three!

Steve Williams wants to have a taped fist match against PJ Walker, who debuted at War Games as a memner of The Extreme Horsemen. Dr. Death is looking to deal when suddenly he gets superkicked by Walker!

Samoa Joe vs. Mike Awesome

Joe and Awesome have their very own assessment of strength as the two men trade shoulderblocks with one another and neither leave their feet. Awesome soon does however when he takes an outside dive from the original extremist.

A table is swiftly set up. After some brawling, Awesome sends Samoa Joe back in the ring. Mike makes the most of it by following up with a springboard shoulder block. The momentum shifts when Joe catches him in a lifting STO! Some front kicks to the chest wears Awesome down enough for a snap suplex. That’s good enough for a two count!

After we return from break, Joe smashes Awesome with a heavy aluminum chair before switching to your classic folding chair. He then facewashses Mike against the barricade with a running boot.

Back in the ring, Samoa Joe and Awesome trade shots. Joe gets knocked down with a running clothesline but he pops right back up for a standing enziguri. Joe hits a very perfect German suplex with a bridge pin, but it’s only good for two. Joe gets Awesome grounded and locks in an STF. Awesome doesn’t quit so Joe goes for the steel chair. That backfires as it’s Joe who gets blasted, not once, but twice. Mike nails a sit-out Awesome Bomb, but Joe musters up enough energy to kick out. Awesome has hand enough. He smacks Samoa Joe with a chair before laying it on top of him. Awesome comes leaping off with his Awesome splash for the pinfall victory!

WINNER: Mike Awesome

We see Vampiro backstage. “Why am I here?’ Vampiro asks “Cause I was here when it started. That’s why.” He calls CM Punk. “He’s here to do what’s right.”

We see The Extreme Horsemen. They are now five strong with the additions of Walker and the legendary Barry Windham. Windam said he got a call from Blackjack Mulligan’s ranch and it was The Extreme Horsemen. He’s ready to carry on that historic legacy in Major League Wrestling

Joey Styles reveals that The Samoan Island Tribe will challenge Simon Diamond & CW Anderson for the Global Tag Team Crown Titles at Hybrid Horror Show in Jacksonville, FL.

Satoshi Kojima is returning to Major League Wrestling.

CM Punk doesn’t appreciate Vampiro sticking his nose in his business, corrupting Nosawa from being straight edge. Somehow and someway down the line, Punk assures Vampiro that their pathes will cross.

Round 1 J Cup USA Tournament

Super Dragon vs.Christopher Daniels

Super Dragon tries to maintain leverage against CD but Daniels rolls through several arm wrenches. Daniels catches SD sleeping and leaps over for the side headlock. He continues that strong offense. The two men trade arm drags but SD gets his boot up to daze Daniels, nails a head scissors before he goes airborne on the Fallen Angel. SD continues his attack on the outside, using the guardrails as weapon. Back in the ring, CD tries to beg Super Dragon off. It may have worked as Daniels cranked up his offensive arsenal. He talks some trash to the referee before nailing a front kick on Dragon.

Daniels continues his offense and it occurs both at ringside and on the canvas. This goes on for quite awhile before referee John Finnegan has to make it clear for Daniels to ease up. Daniels is clearly frustrated, but that does’n’t stop Daniels from being innovative.

Super Dragon finds some windows of opportunities as the match rages on. Daniels creates his own opportunity by grabbing hold of Finnegan and nailing Dragon with a low blow. He hits his Last Rites finisher for the 1-2-3 and Daniels avdvances!

WINNER: Christopher Daniels

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