Underground Recap: J-Cup USA Semi-Finals Take Place


It is a monumental night at the matches for MLW Underground (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) as we get to see the semi-final contests in the J-Cup USA take place. We start off with match one of the two.

J-Cup USA Semi-Final Match
Eddie Colon vs. Sonjay Dutt

Sonjay Dutt advanced to the semi-finals by defeating Tony Mamaluke while Colon upset Jerry Lynn! The bell rings and Eddie goes for quick roll-up. One count.

Eddie wristlocks Dutt down, but Dutt and he outmaneuver one another to a stand off. Colon and Dutt shake hands in a matter of respect. Dutt soon hip tosses Eddie two and hits a dropkick in the corner.

Colon goes careening to the outside after mistiming a shoulder block and this allows Dutt to hit a springboard corkscrew on the outside!

Back in the ring, Dutt hits a springboard shotgun dropkick, and Dutt goes up top. Eddie uses his own body weight to thwart that progress, and Eddie hits a crucifix bomb for a near fall! We go to break.

Back from it, Dutt back body drops Eddie who tries to slow the match down by willingly keeping grounded. Dutt makes sure to keep him down with a standing shooting star for a two count. Dutt feels the wrath soon even by a hard lariat. He gets a two count. Eddie tries to get several more pins, but Dutt counters or avoids every one. Eddie Colon goes in for the kill after a flapjack. Dutt scouts Eddie and nails him with a dropkick in mid-air. He covers Colon: 1-2-3!


Vampiro makes sure Nosawa has his back and he assures Vamp that he does.

Samoa Joe wants to talk about Major League Wrestling. He came here to fight man to man, he doesn’t need any weapons. He’s Joe. If you think any of that is going to beat him, you got another thing coming. He came here to wrestle. The brutality has just begun.

Los Maximos vs. Juventud Guerrera & Super Dragon

Dragon and Jose Maximo start it off and the two mat work one another. Several snapmares by Dragon, A side headlock is administered before SD catches him with a hip toss before getting a spinning heel kick. Dragon tags in Juvi. He avoids offense from Jose and downs Jose with a bulldog. Joel comes in to even the odds and almost makes something happen, but Juvi is too quick. He really makes his offense fire with a guillotine leg drop from up top.

Super Dragon gets back in and chops away at Jose, but a heel kick downs and dizzies him to set up Joel for the tag. Joel hits a beauty of a Northern lights suplex for two. Drop toe hold on both of their foes as Los Maximos locks in a duel submission. They cover for a near fall!

Super Dragon cross shops Jose down and it sets up Juvi for a beautiful back suplex. Juvi drops “The Peeps Elbow” and it prompts Joel to break up the attempt. Small package by Jose allows him to suplex Juvi and tags in the larger Joel. He takes it to both SD and Juvi. Dragron does catch Joel with a German for a near fall as we head to break.

Juvi goes for a missile dropkick and instead of hitting a Juvi Driver on Joel, he hits one on Jose. Offical John Finnegan picks it up and it meddles in Juvi’s plans.

Soon it’s Joel and Super Dragon going back and forth but Joel rolls up Dragon and gets the pinfall win!]

WINNERS: Los Maximos

CM Punk notes that Vampiro and Nosawa are friends now. Well, Nosawa was weak to Punk. Therefore, challenges Vampiro and Nosawa against him and one of his friends at Hybrid Hell.

J-Cup USA Semi-Final Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Jimmy Yang

Not only does Yang have Daniels to be concerned with, but “The Unholy Altar Boy” Mikey Whipwreck lingers ringside. Nonetheless, the crowd is behind Yang and he looks ready to compete once the bell rings. The two lock up but it’s Daniels who downs Yang. Yang follows up with a headscissors and then a baseball slide. He slugs Mikey and sends Daniels into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Yang flips over Daniels to hit a spinning wheel kick. He covers and gets a two count. Yang maintains an arm wrench before flipping over to provide further torque.

The tide turns when Daniels catches him with a ribbreaker and that becomes a main target throughout the rest of the match. He does another one before Whipwreck gets in a cheap shot! Daniels covers, but only gets a two count!

Daniels does everything to keep Yang down by damaging the ribs even further with knee drops and elbow drops to the sore spot for his oppononet. He furthers that focus with an abdominal stretch and gets some unethical assistance from Mikey, but despite all that Jimmy fights on.

The two men open hand slap one another but Daniels gets a near fall with a hard lariat. He body slams Jimmy and goes up top. A spinning heel kick thwarts that attempt! Jimmy hits Daniels with a lariat of his own and soon nearly gets a pinfall with a standing moonsault.

Daniles then hits a uranage to change the momentum. CD goes for his BME but Yang rolls out of the way and nails a very direct heel kick. Two count!

Yang drags CD over but Whipwreck latches hold of Yang’s leg. He kicks Mikey off and hits a Yang Time! 1-2-no! Yang goes back to the well once more, but once more Mikey pulls Yang’s leg and crotches him. This allows Daniels to hit his Last Rites finisher for the 1-2-3!

WINNER and ADVANCING: Christopher Daniels

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