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Samael, Kwon & Gotch added to Battle Riot

CONTRA Unit’s Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon, and Simon Gotch have been added to MLW’s Battle Riot on Saturday, July 10th in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena.

Tickets are unavailable for this event as it has sold out.

The presence of CONTRA Unit in the Battle Riot have multiplied over the last few days. With the megalomaniac Josef Samael along with CONTRA’s Ikuro Kwon and Simon Gotch confirmed for the Riot, these crusaders remain steadfast in denying Alex Hammerstone his only path to a title shot against Jacob Fatu: winning the 40-wrestler extravaganza.

The international cabal vows to hijack the match and deny any and all from rising up and securing a title shot by winning the Battle Riot. 

Will they be successful? Find out July 10th as MLW presents the Battle Riot!

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